Shapps has gone, will Mark Prisk make a better Housing Minister?

Shapps has gone, will Mark Prisk make a better Housing Minister?

18:20 PM, 4th September 2012, About 11 years ago 14

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Following the recent cabinet reshuffle Mark Prisk MP has been announced as the successor to Grant Schapps.

Do readers of think Mark Prisk will do a better job?

Mark Prisk Housing MinisterWill Mark Prisk provide the incentives required for landlords not to turn their backs on benefits claimants?

Will Mark Prisk do anything to help the thaw the deep freeze conditions of the UK property market outside of London ?

Will Mark Prisk do anything for the homeless or can we simply expect more publicity stunts from a Housing Minister sleeping on the streets for a night?

According to Wikipedia, Mark Prisk was a former Chairman of Cornwall Young Conservatives and after two unsuccessful parliamentary battles in 1992 (Newham North West) and 1997 (Wansdyke), he was finally elected as the Conservative MP for the constituency of Hertford and Stortford in 2001. Since gaining his seat at Westminister, he has been marked for ministerial office in a future Tory government. He has been promoted from the backbenches to serve at various points as Shadow Financial Secretary, Shadow Minister for Economic Affairs, an opposition whip and Shadow Minister for Business and Enterprise. He is author of several pamphlets on urban design.

In response to the appointment of Mark Prisk MP as the new Housing Minister, Mark Hayward, President of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) said:

“The NAEA congratulates Mark Prisk MP on his appointment to the role of Housing Minister. His first job is to address the growing challenges faced by consumers, and act swiftly to restore confidence in the UK property market which has reached crisis point.

“Concerns amongst potential buyers about job security, the size of deposits needed, mortgage availability, levels of stamp duty and the stability of the market means that levels of home ownership are at their lowest rates for twenty years.

“Whilst the NAEA welcomes initiatives such as the NewBuy mortgage indemnity and FirstBuy schemes, we would like to see more a concrete commitment of support from the Government to kick-start market activity and boost supply and demand levels for new and existing stock. We look forward to working with the Minister to support him in achieving this aim.”

NHBC’s Executive Chairman Isabel Hudson said  “The new Minister has a number of challenges across the sector. As our latest new home registrations statistics revealed, although private sector housing registrations in the UK had their best month for over a year this July, registrations in the sector are still down 10% for May to July 2012, compared to the same period last year.”

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Annette Stone

5:18 AM, 6th September 2012, About 11 years ago

I have been a managing agent for the past 21 years looking after a large portfolio of leasehold property; I also run a specialist business dealing in lease extensions and the buying and selling of freeholds for many clients so I have quite a bit of knowledge about the housing market. Over the past 10 years I have built up a buy to let portfolio. That sounds like a great deal of experience but I would really like everyone to know that I am learning something each day from all of you who write on Property 118. I am always open to advice.
The point I want to make is really simple. Given the diversity of the housing market why is it okay for the Prime Minister to appoint a Housing Minister whose biggest claim to fame seems to be being President of the NAEA. I am sure that he is a very nice man but where is his experience of dealing with the actual issues on a day to day basis, putting his own money into the property market and appreciating the difficulties faced by those to do just that.
Throwing money at the problem will not help; providing more funding but allowing lenders to charge massive "product fees" will not help; making letting by private landlords more complicated will not help. This needs a joined up approach from a committee comprising representatives of landlords both private and social housing; tenants' associations, lenders, housebuilders and government meeting all focused on a fair and sensible housing policy which encourages investment in the private rental sector; provides an efficient social housing sector using both public sector and private landlords and a sensible mortgage policy providing long term loans at sensible rates of interests to enable people to buy their own homes and investors to increase their portfolios and the supply of property on the market.
Another important issue that needs to be addressed by government is that tenants who do not pay their rent are, in effect, squatters and the process for removing them (if the eviction is justified and there are no extenuating circumstances) should be quick and based on criminal law in my view.
Is this too much to hope for?
Please be gentle with your replies. This is my first long post!!!

19:49 PM, 6th September 2012, About 11 years ago

looks like an excellent opportunity to approach a new minister with a new idea.

20:54 PM, 6th September 2012, About 11 years ago

Looks like this housing minister is my MP!!!
I know I didn't vote for him.
Should I send him a question or attend a surgery to put such a question that cosmo has raised.
I would have thought that the housing minister would know all about sites like this.
I bet he has never heard of this or any other LL forum websites.
Just think how mich he could learn just by acquainting himself with the information imparted on this and other sites!!?
I might just mention it if I ever see him; not that he would take any notice!

21:56 PM, 6th September 2012, About 11 years ago

Your post is far too sensible for anyone in govt to take any notice of.
Now propose licencing LL and introduce planning restrictions to prevent HMO type accommodation being made available and UC being paid to tenants rather than any PRS landlord and you might get noticed.
Until that happy day occurs we can swap intelligent thoughtful posts for the converted.
We can then exist in our little fantasy world where we have a fair idea of what needs doing but knowing that nobody will take the slightest bit of interest in what we say.
After all what do we know!?.....we are only LL, why would anyone think of asking us!!!?

Annette Stone

23:00 PM, 6th September 2012, About 11 years ago

Why don't you approach him and tell him that there are people with whom you are in contact who would be prepared to give up time to help to get things right. My thoughts were literally put together as I was typing the original comment and if I really put my mind to it I could probably come up with a sensible plan myself.
The only problem is I would be ignored.
Last year after the riots I watched Newsnight where a Labour politician basically tried to blame the entire problem on greedy landlords who did not provide proper housing for the poor who were venting their frustrations by stealing and looting.
He said that he welcomed ideas from his constituents and others as to how the social housing problems could be solved and better properties made available and like an idiot I spent two hours writing him a opinion on how if the Benefit Office would make payments direct to landlords who could be then be sure of getting their rent they (the Benefit Office) could spend their time ensuring that properties were kept in good order with (say) six monthly inspections. Landlords who chose to let their properties could register with the Benefit office and pay them a small fee (rather than a letting agent) for finding suitable tenants and ensuring that both the landlord and the tenant fulfilled their part of the bargain. Tenancies could be fairly long term leading to community cohesion.
Not a perfect solution but the germ of one I think
Did I get an answer? Don't be daft

0:05 AM, 7th September 2012, About 11 years ago

Yes I might just do as you suggest.
Can I suggest though that you borrow Mark's brick wall, you will find that you need it!
You will gradually realise that sensible ideas are not considered which is why you will need that brick wall to bang your head against!!

1:09 AM, 7th September 2012, About 11 years ago

have faith.
a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.
i never said it would be an easy journey. expect a difficult one.

Devon Landlord

4:23 AM, 7th September 2012, About 11 years ago

I have just written to the NEW MINISTER at welcoming him to the poison chalice of Housing Minister. I have pointed out to him that he could, if he took the time to read the various comments on this blog, get a fast and accurate assessment of the issues that occupy the minds of us landlords. I even gave him some advice, but mine would probably not be the same as yours, or then again, it might. Why not send him a welcoming email and BRIEFLY outline your concerns with suggetions as to how he might address some of the very serious issues that concern us.
Dont moan about him and his appointment. MAKE HIM WORK FOR US. That is what he was elected to do. Let us tell him what we want and chase him to ensure he does it. We can but live in hope!! Oh yes, don't forget to copy your own MP in on the email.

Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

13:53 PM, 7th September 2012, About 11 years ago

What an inspiring post - great idea and thank you so much for the plug for Property118.

Annette Stone

17:02 PM, 7th September 2012, About 11 years ago

Everyone's comments are brilliant BUT individual e mails will not do anything. I don't think any of us are moaning but the appointment is the latest in a long line of people who have tinkered around the issue of housing in the 21st century. Sending e mails is great but I doubt then will even be read by the Minister. I would love to hear him come on to Property 118 and tell me I am wrong and then we could start a dialogue.
The only thing that MIGHT help is an e mail from Mark as the founder of Property118 pointing out the need for a joined up Housing Policy - and not the headline nonsense in the papers today about making loft and rear extension planning permission irrelevant for a years - and that if the Minister wished he could avail himself of either the website or individuals with experience who were willing to help.
More importantly until all these opportunist politicians who are desperate for their turn at the top table as a Cameron Cutie or a Millibabe or whatever the press want to call them realise that Housing is an area which needs long terms planning and co-operation the whole thing is nonsense and everyone is banging their head on the wall. The country needs a cross party agreement to implement policy which will remain in place even when next Prime Minister wants to make his mark and that means a lot of forward thinking and not just the kind of knee jerk responses of the past 20 or so years when a political party gets hot over an issue promoted by the Press

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