Marijuana in the post!

Marijuana in the post!

12:02 PM, 18th April 2016, About 6 years ago 13

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I have 3 flats, one with a bad Tenant awaiting eviction, S8 issued. I have intercepted a quantity of marijuana in the post, no name on the package, but I know it’s for this Tenant. marijuana

Am I under an obligation to report this to the Police?

Many thanks




20:21 PM, 18th April 2016, About 6 years ago

damned if you do
damned if you don't
your call

by Harry Chunk

20:30 PM, 18th April 2016, About 6 years ago

A lot of anti-police comments on here tonight. I have come across a similar situation myself in the past. Firstly if it is good stuff smoke it, if you are not sure get rid post haste as you don't want to be caught with it. Personally I wouldn't tell the police as 5am one morning they will smash the front door down and raid the place. Most likely this will involve you in paying for a new front door and frame, not much change out of £500-£600. Ps. I was joking about smoking it.

by Robert Mellors

23:24 PM, 23rd April 2016, About 5 years ago

If you hand it in then there should be no come back on you in relation to the drugs, BUT, intercepting post is also a criminal offence, so you could perhaps be prosecuted for this. While the drugs are in your possession, you are liable under criminal law for possession of drugs, and if you say that you were going to give it to the person it was addressed to, then that would make you a drug dealer (supplier) in the eyes of the law.

Disposing of evidence could also be a criminal offence in itself or perhaps a part of "aiding and abetting".an offence. How did you "happen" to intercept this parcel, and open it even when it was not addressed to you??? - Do not answer this question on a public forum as it could incriminate you, but bear in mind that this could be a question asked of you. Can you PROVE that you flushed the cannabis away, or could it have been disposed of by use or sale? - Again, do not answer this, but be aware that this could be asked.

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