Liverpool City Council FOI response

by Readers Question

5 months ago

Liverpool City Council FOI response

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Liverpool City Council FOI response

Dear Mr Daniel,

Freedom of Information Request 542790 (Revised)

Thank you for your recent request for information. Your request was actioned under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in which you requested the following information –

The number of Complaints, Inspections and Actions taken regarding dwelling houses in Liverpool council area, 2014, 2015 and 2016


Liverpool City Council confirms that it holds information relevant to the terms of your request, our response being set out below –

This concludes our response.

The Liverpool FOI stats in the above chart show Liverpool’s enforcement productivity went DOWN, after Licensing, wasting a lot of license fees on administrating the scheme and achieving no outcomes.

Anti-Licensing for Landlords group:

There’s a number of members posting that have expended energy and hold a deep interest in the manner and indiscriminate way that licensing is being introduced, so I am starting to form an Action group.

Within such a group, we could pool our resources and focus on either an individual or small number of schemes to scrutinize their process or manner in which the scheme has been operated, perhaps submit several FOI’s to probe their housing enforcement performance, pre and post licensing. I’d invite those interested in discussing further to contact me via email.

With Property118’s blessing, here is my email for those interested in forming such a group.

Chris Daniel


Luke P

5 months ago

Email sent 🙂

Michael Barnes

5 months ago

The Liverpool FOI stats in the above chart show Liverpool’s enforcement productivity went DOWN, after Licensing, wasting a lot of license fees on administrating the scheme and achieving no outcomes.
I don't believe that you can draw that conclusion from the information given, because they did not provide part of the requested information, i.e. how many inspections there were. They also may not have provided "the number of complaints", because the total they give appears to be "actions taken", and does not appear to cover "complaints where no enforcement action was found necessary".
The figures as given could equally well be explained by saying "licensing improved the quality of let housing, and therefore fewer enforcement actions were needed."
In summary, I would say that the response does not provide the information asked for, and therefore no firm conclusions can be drawn from it on why the numbers have decreased.
Also the drop of approximately 360 in 4000 may not be statistically significant.


5 months ago

I agree with Micheal Barnes the info from LCC could be read both ways but will email you as I wish to join the group.

Licensing is currently only for 5 years then before applying to SEC. of State for renewing their has to be a public consultation. I made comments to Brent particularly question that their report showed no details of improvements in anti social behaviour as applicable to private landlords and their rented properties, and that a third of private tenants who responded to the survey were against the scheme and that the number had not changed between the initial survey 5 years ago and the recent survey.

Unfortunately I didn't achieve anything the scheme was renewed and the area now extended!

Tony McVey

5 months ago

Do we really want to encourage Liverpool C.C. to rush to take formal action against landlords who may have made some mistake? This would be at variance with the policy they have pursued over many years of giving landlords a reasonable opportunity to rectify matters .

Luke P

5 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Tony McVey at 31/03/2018 - 10:29
Who’s suggesting that?

Chris Daniel

4 months ago

My latest FOI to Liverpool - ( unless Larry has already beaten me to it 😉

Could I ask for an annual breakdown of the funds ( Licensing fees ) received / collected from Landlords, and

The broad subject headings and amounts spent ( per year )

Chris Daniel

4 months ago

Heather Wheeler, Housing Minister is carrying out a Review of Selective Licensing,
May be worth emailing her your two-pennarth worth ( in a professional and reasoned / evidenced manner which I know you would, of course )

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