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18:52 PM, 27th March 2021
About 4 weeks ago

Gas safety certificate should be a legal requirement for all households?

I think your comments are interesting and have a point. I certainly agree with you on gas safety certificates. New boilers are so ultasafe year it's over kill.

All homes needing gas safety certificate - god point but at least owners who do AirBNB should have electric and gas safety checks plus fire risk assessments/escape signage etc. They are "renting" just like my tenants and are perhaps at greater risk because they are not familiar with the premises... Read More


21:45 PM, 29th July 2020
About 9 months ago

Buying without planning permission or building certificate?

Hi yes there are four and ten year rules on planning issues providing there was no covenants and no planning conditions form earlier permissions. Further yes far as I know Building Control is only one year!
To me these are ridiculous rules that encourage doggey work. Think of free risks form non compliant works etc.
My point is you are buying a building that someone has "cut corners on" to save money. what else did they cut corners on. The value of these non consented works should be reviewed. Check more than the foundations !... Read More


21:01 PM, 2nd June 2020
About 11 months ago

Buying house with loft conversion - 2 or 3 bed?

Be very careful here!! The vendors story is fishy. There are strict fire regs/building regs that should of been complied with plus planning consent. If its more than a one room loft Building region regarding fire escape are stricter

Building Reg breaches strangely aren't enforceable after one year and planning after 4 years BUT you could be buying into problems that a building surveyor inspection won't cover things he can't see nor is he a structural engineer.
Whoever did the work would of known that it needed PP and regs - they choose do ignore the law, what else they done?... Read More


22:44 PM, 7th May 2020
About 12 months ago

Walking Watch Fire Safety Charges?

I note some of the comments many not really helpful but agree the landlord is not a money bank and your lease will no doubt say lessees must pay for repairs but not major improvements that are not statute required.

All that as it may. this constant comparison to Grenfell by some landlords and local authority building management departments is not right. Firstly read not Fire risk assessment report. If you feel it is too knee jerk request another by a independent Firs Risk company - not the councils' own officers. Things to review and are very relevant to determining the risk are things like: how tall is the building. Is there two means of escape ( exc.the lift) is there a fire alarm system, is there a fire detection system. Are the escape routes fairly simple. Then there are many types of panels and then was there smoke stops installed All the above are relevant. Grenfall was a result of poor senior management/supervision of the juniors making decisions and daily management.

I own a flat where Westminster are the landlords. - every year they are doing a full/new fire assessment ( at a lot of cost too) and always they find some "new" serious fire risk that needs doing. Yet it is only a 5 story building with a well ventilated easy escape route plus recently fitted smoke detectors/emergency lighting/fire alarms.
Read the Fire Risk Assessment and review esp. make sure they have fully determined the type of panel and how it was installed. ( I am assuming it has exterior cladding) plus a review of how good are escape routes and fire detection systems.

At Grenfell so many mistakes ,bad management have shown up Plus the exterior cladding was merely for improvements to the insulation and appearance.... Read More


2:04 AM, 16th April 2020
About A year ago

Dormant Freeholders service charge demands

Interesting but if they are only demanding SC monies then the management company is just holding the funds in trust and yes the companies could be dormant.
I would look into checking if whoever demanded the sc is comping with the Act. They need to serve a form dealing how to query review actual charges, unless they doing a cash bases if they are demanding monies in advance they need to issue a budget for the year and actual signed off accounts for last year plus the funds must be paid into a trust account. I would be interested to read more expert opinions on the issue... Read More