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16:29 PM, 27th January 2020
About 2 months ago

Freeholder excavating below our ground floor flat?

planning permission is required if its development "over under or on". I susgest you call the planning department to clarify and see whats proposed asap... Read More


16:17 PM, 27th January 2020
About 2 months ago

Freeholder excavating below our ground floor flat?

Party walls won't necessarily mean the works can't go ahead just delayed whilst the award is agreed
I presume you checked that the freeholder has got planning permission - you should have got a PLANNING NOTICE too. The freeholder does have aright to do things often but check your lease 'Quite enjoyment' just means he can't enter or disturb your demise not about noise etc. Bit surprised to read you own the joists etc. I think this has implications. The freeholder can't fix anything to them nor disturb them.
The extra flat will men service charges etc could come down... Read More


16:10 PM, 27th January 2020
About 2 months ago

Does this restrictive covenant prevent HMO development?

The wording sounds like its not on. have you checked with planning. I am sure it will need planning permission. HMOs' have rightly fairly strict Building Regs and licensing requirements... Read More


17:13 PM, 2nd January 2020
About 3 months ago

Can this be construed as damage to the carpet?

hi. PAT. the electrical requirements under PAT is that someone almost any one should be inspecting the appliances for damaged cords loose wires PAT refers to appliances that are plugged into sockets There is NO requirement to have a Electrian inspect and label them. You can do it. Use common sense check if there is a earth wire if its a metal appliance and if tenants have reported fuses are blowing them its time to immediately act it might be a appliance or it might be the permanent wiring which is not covered by PAT but as a LL you are supposed to ensure the house/apartment wiring is safe If fuses are blowing them something is wrong somewhere... Read More


19:00 PM, 31st December 2019
About 3 months ago

Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat condensation issues?

Hi. I think you might have solved the problems Frankly I surprised at some of the odd comments and advice. Firstly unless the roof is leaking its not a council/LL problem to add roof insulation is a improvement and unless the law requires it then the council aren't obliged to spend ratepayers money sorting out a lessees problem. perhaps you should check that no other flats are merely blasting their fans/extractors into the roof void
The roof void should be ventilated if not the council should do that
I note the points about the fan. Check its a good size and the duct pipe is the right diamond usually 125 or 150mm. also ensure the grille is cleaned regularly. If you can afford it and for the benefit of the tenants put in a heat recovery fan with humidity stat and overrun timer. The other thing I would recommend doing is line the inside of the ceiling with insulated plasterboard and paint that. The theory is moisture should NOT penetrate the ceiling plaster as it will reach a dew point and condense somewhere in the ceiling or in the roof space. thus the paint should act as a vapour barrier. The insulated board will keep the ceiling warmer do stop condensation I had to do this on one of my flats... Read More