Lied to by letting agent

Lied to by letting agent

17:00 PM, 17th March 2015, About 7 years ago 4

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I am contacting you on behalf of my in-laws. They have recently signed a tenancy agreement with an estates agent who at the time of the interview was verbally advised that pets were allowed.

They have a jack russell and a cat.

On moving in they have heard from their neighbours that there is a contract on the flats that no one is allowed pets. They then went back to the estate agents who have now told them that they are not allowed cats and its against their tenancy agreement. Lied to by letting agent

My in laws would never have entered into this agreement if the pets was not allowed and are now stuck with a flat with very high rent and now have to temporarily rehouse their pets.

The neighbours no longer talk to them and shun them but they are in a very difficult situation. I have tried to look this up on the net but have not found the information, so I thought I would ask you.

Many thanks in advance

Phil Hall


Janyce Cain

12:21 PM, 18th March 2015, About 7 years ago

The answer is in the contract that they signed, buyer beware, always read before you sign.

Carol Thomas

18:30 PM, 18th March 2015, About 7 years ago

A bit harsh but unfortunately I don't see a way around your problem. If it was just the landlord, you could probably get round this by giving an extra deposit. However, when it's the residential rules for the whole complex, then there doesn't appear to be a way round this. Hopefully, someone will come on here who can help. They may just have to try and get out of the contract if this is possible.


13:05 PM, 21st March 2015, About 7 years ago

I fell foul of a similar situation when I had a tenant with a van which contravened the head lease.

Since it was my mistake I merely asked him to move at the end of the six months. Fortunately, he saw that this was a no win situation and has moved.

However, he kept his van there for the six months - I told the management that he had done nothing wrong as it was my fault and I therefore could not serve notice until the end of the fixed term. Whilst they were also unpleasant to him, they accepted this.

I don't actually know if this was true (any comments would be interesting).

So if they genuinely were not told, may be they could have a word with the landlord who might say the same thing to the management i.e. they get to keep the pets. Either way they'll need to move at the end of the fixed term, I guess they probably won't want to stay anyway.


13:07 PM, 21st March 2015, About 7 years ago

I also told him that I would not hold him to the full term if he found somewhere sooner. At the least the landlord should do that. It's probably in his interests.

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