Letting Agent inspection photographs published online?

by Readers Question

9:21 AM, 14th February 2020
About A year ago

Letting Agent inspection photographs published online?

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Letting Agent inspection photographs published online?

We recently had a mid term inspection, usually we like to be present at these inspection. However, this was not possible on this occasion and the letting agent entered using management keys.

We have now received the inspection report which describes the property as being in a good, clean and tidy condition and they remarked we are clearly looking at it well.

However, attached with the report are 52 photographs. 52 photographs of our 2 bedroom apartment, many of the photographs are of our personal things and they have even taken one of our laundry basket! Now I understand they need to take a photograph of each room for their records but surely this is excessive and unreasonable?

This was a bit annoying until my husband noticed that the report and all 52 photographs are shared from an insecure website. Anyone can access the report which contains our address and view all the photographs.

I can’t believe this is the done thing? However I’m not sure where we stand if I do complain formally.

The letting agent in the past has been very dismissive of our concerns, how do I approach them to explain I’m not happy and this is not acceptable?

Many thanks



David Lawrenson

10:20 AM, 17th February 2020
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by CMC at 14/02/2020 - 17:11
Please keep us all posted here at 118 re the outcome


18:11 PM, 25th February 2020
About A year ago

Update we have had correspondence, the letting agent seems to have been unaware the report and photographs were on a publicly avaliable URL and has made offer to have this removed. They have also offered to submit a request, that fewer photos are taken in future inspections to the landlord. I don't feel we will get a better response and shall consider this closed. Thank you all for taking the time to respond, your advice was really helpful.

Rob Crawford

10:09 AM, 28th February 2020
About A year ago

Sounds like the agent maybe contracting out the inspections. Nothing wrong with that, but if so it would nice to know if the contractor is committed to addressing the issue.

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