Legal Cases Webinar – Pease v. Carter

Legal Cases Webinar – Pease v. Carter

14:06 PM, 17th April 2020, About 4 years ago

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Landlord Law Legal Cases – Pease v. Carter with Alice Richardson: Raising money for the Women’s Aid charity.

Renting property to tenants is heavily regulated and landlords have to know and understand the law.  This does not mean that you need to be a lawyer to be a landlord. However, it helps if you understand the legal rules you have to comply with.

About case law

One area of our law is ‘case law’.  This is where court proceedings hang on a legal point which needs to be interpreted by a Judge (or several Judges if the case goes to the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court).

If that case is reported, then the decision and the reasoning behind it can be used in the future by Judges as a precedent for similar situations.

A case can be about the interpretation of one of our statues, or it can be working out what the law is where there is no legislation specifically on the point in issue.  Or it can be about working out whether an earlier case applies to your specific situation, and if so, how.

The Landlord Law Legal Cases Project

Many people are a bit vague about legal matters.  Law is not often taught in schools plus many landlords may have grown up in a different country and be unfamiliar with the British system.

For some time I have been considering running a series of webinars on specific landlord and tenant related legal cases – delivered ideally by one of the barristers in that case – to explain the case and its significance to a non-legal audience.

I am now delighted to announce the first in what I hope will be a long (albeit occasional) series.

Pease v. Carter with Alice Richardson

Pease v. Carter was a Court of Appeal decision from February 2020.  It was about a section 8 notice which contained an error and the point in issue was whether that notice was still valid despite the error.

One of the barristers, in that case, was Alice Richardson who acted for the landlord (the appellant).  She will be talking about the case with me in a webinar on Friday 24 April at 10.30 am.

Alice will be discussing:

  • The background to the case and section 8 notices
  • The issues covered by the case and why it went to the Court of Appeal
  • About the hearing and the arguments used, and
  • The wider implications of this case for notices – in particular other possession notices

Raising money for charity

All of the webinars in the series will carry a modest fee of £12 and the proceeds from the live webinars will be donated to charity.

Alice and I have chosen Women’s Aid as the charity for this webinar and I hope very much that you will support this and sign up.

Click here for the signup page.

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