Landlord sells whole property portfolio in 5 days and recommends other landlords: sell before Christmas

Landlord sells whole property portfolio in 5 days and recommends other landlords: sell before Christmas

16:16 PM, 1st December 2022, About 2 years ago

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The economy is in a state of uncertain flux and appears to continue to work against landlords.

From interest rates and taxes rising in an almost exponential way, inflation and the cost of living rising higher than ever before, concerns mounting over deteriorating rental profits, EPC, EICR regulations and costly refurbs, to the latest, rather unexpected, “egg shortages” in British stores due to the rising costs of business overheads, it’s clear that the effect the economy is having over both our business and domestic lives isn’t ending any time soon.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Landlords are looking to property sale companies to get their portfolios sold before Christmas and sail through what is looking like it could be an ever-uncertain economy.

But who do we turn to when we have so many properties to sell before the end of the year and with so many tenants?

For Shauna, a landlord of 30 years, she knew that selling her buy-to-lets in bulk was crucial. The property portfolio she’d built up over the years had become a financial ball and chain and it was obvious she needed to get out while she still could. Like many of us, she quickly realised that traditional Estate Agents and many private portfolio selling services just weren’t working. They either took years to sell, or required her portfolio to be split up into smaller chunks for sale.

All that changed when she reached out to portfolio exit specialists the Landlord Sales Agency.

Unlike other companies, Landlord Sales Agency is run by landlords for landlords, so they know exactly what we need to action the best exit strategy, fast. For many of us this means selling the whole portfolio in bulk, or at least the majority of the portfolio, and shifting our financial “dead weight” whilst getting the highest possible amount in our banks, perhaps holding onto only the last, most lucrative properties.

It’s clear we need to downsize our portfolios to recoup costs and recover, perhaps even thrive despite the issues, but like Shauna many of us don’t want to deal with the painful stress of managing the sale of the portfolio in painstaking ‘three properties at a time’ pieces, chunk by chunk. Selling the whole thing in one go might sound like a strategy reserved only for auctions who take a hefty percentage, but Landlord Sales Agency are specialists for a reason:

  • We have a powerful database of over 30,000 private buyers and portfolio buying companies who want to buy whole portfolios straight away before the year ends, and who are alerted every time we have a portfolio to sell
  • Because we focus on a quality fast sale, rather than a cheap fast sale, we ensure that our buy-to-let portfolios are sold not just fast, in less than 28 days, for a financially savvy 85% of the value (in some cases even higher) – which makes sense when we handle every single part of the sale for you, including liaising with all tenants, ensuring all certificates and licenses are in place, and allowing you to simply make the call to us then sit back and relax knowing we’re on it to get the whole portfolio sold before Christmas
  • There’s no one like us out there, and we’ve built up an unbeatable record for helping landlords which is why we’re the number one go-to company for our partners, including Property118.

Most landlords who contact us are like Shauna, and we’ve got the best team in the business to get the sale done in days rather than months or years. In Shauna’s case, she decided to keep 10 properties and give us 23.

All of them were sold in one go within 5 days of listing.

We don’t have to upsell our service, the results speak for themselves.

So if like Shauna you’re ready to sell before Christmas and enjoy 2023, get in touch today by completing the form below, and let us at Landlord Sales Agency do what we do best.

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