Landlord Sales Agency pays to refurb properties for Landlord so she gets extra £200K selling portfolio

Landlord Sales Agency pays to refurb properties for Landlord so she gets extra £200K selling portfolio

12:01 PM, 31st March 2023, About A year ago

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It’s a tough time for landlords with interest rates rising by a further 0.25% to a post credit crisis high of 4.25%. For many of us, we’ve held out as long as we can, but a large percentage of us have decided that selling up might be the best solution.

For a Midlands based landlord, that’s exactly the decision she came to after her tax bill arrived this year. She’d had enough, and with some properties empty, others needing refurbs and the remainder with tenants paying low rents, she knew she had to get out to avoid being pushed into further financial difficulty. It was time to cash in, cut the losses and retire.

As soon as she contacted us, we knew exactly what to do. Her portfolio was medium-sized, with a lot of potential, however, she simply didn’t have the money to refurb all the houses to sell, and some houses had amazing potential for an uplift in selling price. This wasn’t a problem for us: we knew we could help her maximise the value in her portfolio.

We funded her refurbs and also provided the building teams

At Landlord Sales Agency we are extremely confident in being able to get the highest prices possible for landlords. Because of that, we did a deal: initially she was selling two properties for £125K and another for £160K that had become recently vacant and in poor condition after the tenants left– we funded the £40K required for her refurbs and also provided the building teams and she sold for much higher prices of £240K and £300K respectively (making her an additional profit of £200K after costs).

After seeing the results, we allocated our team to refurbing and repairing the remainder of her houses. We were able to sell the properties in her portfolio for an average of 39% above her original listing prices.  For those vacant properties she had with equity in, we sold quickly through our investor network to cover her mortgages so these problem properties did not eat away at her equity profits from other sales.

Her story isn’t unique, and it’s precisely why landlords are rushing to us to sell. At Landlord Sales Agency we can:

  • Sell tenanted properties easily as we get cooperation of the tenants to assist in the sale. We do deals with tenants when landlords sell to either leave or sell to another landlord
  • For vacant properties we can sell ‘as-is’ or assist landlords with refurbishments (both costs and builders) to clear/repair/refurbish and get the best price. We can project manage or assist landlords on what to do with a full team
  • If landlords need funds to pay tax bills, refurbs and mortgage shortfalls – we can make those cash advances (subject to situation). We’re so confident in what we do, we know we’ll simply get our money back in the future from the sale
  • For appropriate properties; we can sell on market through our modern auction and investors – and off market if landlords want the least hassle for tenants.
  • We can also sell properties with other B2B agents to maximise speed and price (e.g. other auctions houses and local agents) – and have every angle and opportunity to sell a property for a landlord – either we sell it or manage our trusted B2B partners to help sell it
  • We manage the whole property-portfolio sale from start to finish to get properties sold and win-wins for tenants/landlords and we will help tenants and landlords financially if needed

Finally – we have the best letting agents/brokers/solicitors and the whole shooting match to get:

    1. Sales of any type of property in UK with us through our investor network or we manage it through our partner agents – no stone is left unturned to get sales
    2. Evictions or we make agreements with tenants to leave or pay increased rents so new landlords agree to keep tenants.
    3. We are experts at getting tenants on side to cooperate in sales and we even pay tenants to help with viewings/photos/videos. We also pay tenants to move and are in touch with other letting agents to rehouse them and pay deposits and any rent advances required – we find win-win deals for all parties
    4. We can even get 12 months rent paid in advance to new landlords when buyers purchase properties with tenants in-situ and we fully manage the letting with our panel letting agents
    5. We help connect landlords with Property118 incorporation and tax solutions.
    6. We have panel mortgage brokers, solicitors and insurance brokers to get every problem/sale over the line
    7. Our team is fully trained to assist specifically with solving the landlord issues above from A-to-Z. As CEO of Landlord Sales Agency, I’ve done it for myself and my portfolio and personally assist other landlords ensuring my team and partners are fully aware of all the solutions and the sense of urgency to get things done

Because we focus on a quality fast sale, rather than a cheap fast sale, we ensure that our buy-to-let portfolios are sold not just fast, in less than 28 days, but also for a financially savvy 85% of the value (in some cases even higher) – which makes sense when we handle every single part of the sale for you, including liaising with all tenants, ensuring all certificates and licenses are in place, and allowing you to simply make the call to us then sit back and relax knowing we’re on it to get the whole portfolio sold, fast.

For the case of this landlord and landlords like her, if we’re able to exceed the prices we can sell your properties for, we ensure that the landlord walks away with a price they’re happy with – a fair win-win for both of us.

Put simply, we’ll sell your properties fast, and for the highest prices. You won’t get a service like us from any other auctions or Estate Agents.

What’s more, we’re run by landlords for landlords, so we know exactly what you need, and we have a formula one style team of experts and builders to help achieve it.

So contact us today, and let us help you sell up, cash in for the highest prices and enjoy the rest of 2023.

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