Landlord points that should have been included by Panorama

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8:51 AM, 16th August 2019
About A year ago

Landlord points that should have been included by Panorama

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Landlord points that should have been included by Panorama

Yesterday I made the TV Video for The Good Estate Agent. The points that Landlords felt should have been included in the Panorama Programme were most definitely included in this video which is to be shown, uncut, on You Tube and takes 90 minutes. (see below)

Landlords felt that Panorama was deficient in that it missed out footage which explained precisely why landlords were exiting in droves. Panorama was jaundiced towards tenants and rather left wing. It failed to show the full picture!

That is the reduction of tax relief on Mortgage Interest down from the Headline Rate and the uneven playing field of 28% Capital Gains Tax compared to 10% exit relief for companies.

I have plenty of messages for Boris.

Essentially, he needs to build around four million new homes quickly and if he is expecting the Private Sector to fund it then he must incentivise landlords to invest. Theresa May ended up with a non-investment situation with landlords exiting the sector.

There have been over 150,000 hits on the Panorama Programme on You Tube and over 182,000 on twitter. It is not a contest.

Of late I have found myself refusing interviews for “restricted circulation” be it TV, newspapers or radio.

Most often it is radio and the first question I ask is how many listeners do you have? With local radio it is usually under 100,000. With terrestrial TV sometimes over 2million.

We covered many other things, but these can be viewed on You Tube. However, the main thing landlords wanted me to identify, the punitive tax measures, was well and truly covered with a Clear Message to Boris which amounts to Get your Act Together and address the position with the Treasury which has caused the exodus of the Private Sector Landlord.

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Mick Roberts

10:42 AM, 16th August 2019
About A year ago

Great idea, but we can guess the tenants won't ever get to see it.

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