Landlord licencing scheme boundaries released by Newham Council

Landlord licencing scheme boundaries released by Newham Council

9:06 AM, 10th July 2012, About 9 years ago 38

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Details of the highly controversial Landlord Licencing Scheme boundaries have been released by Newham Council. As of January 2013 it seems likely that landlords within the catchment area could have to pay landlord licencing scheme fees of as much as £500 a year for each property they wish to let or risk fines of up to £20,000. Do not be fooled into thinking this only affects landlords with property in Newham. If this scheme is deemed to be a success how long do you think it will be until it is rolled out Nationally?

Landlord Licencing scheme debate - Mark Alexander and the Mayor of Newham

What do you think this caption should read?

As can be seen from this picture during a debate I had with the Mayor of Newham earlier this year I was none too impressed with his proposals back then. At that time he was trying to assure me that landlord licencing scheme fees would only be £30 a year! I think we ought to have a caption competition for this picture don’t you? Please leave your caption in the comments section below this article. I will add my favourite caption to the picture. As much as the proposed landlord licencing scheme may make you want to swear, please do not use foul language.

Details of Newham Council’s selective and additional licensing scheme have been made available online that state the boundaries of the area in question requiring licences, as of January 2013. The council is the first to undertake such a large, wholescale landlord licensing scheme

The scheme is hoped to improve the standard of private rented properties in the area and to improve the growing anti-social behaviour problem but landlord groups have argued that the Council already have sufficient powers to deal with the any problems. Landlord groups have also commented that the shocking propaganda being used by the Council is grossly unfair. Clearly there is a major housing issue in the area as the Council were recently accused of attempts of social cleansing when they looked to do a deal with Stoke on Trent to ship out their benefits claimants. Landlords who are found to be unlicensed could be hit with fines of up to £20,000 while breaking the terms of the licence could mean fines of up to £5,000.

View the full release and details of the selective and additional licensing boundaries here

What’s your view on the Newham Landlord Licencing Scheme?

At we are very keen to hear the views of all landlords nationally regarding the Newham Landlord Licencing scheme. How would the creation of such a scheme in your area affect your attitude to investment in property?



8:36 AM, 11th July 2012, About 9 years ago

As much as I think there should be some sort of regulation/licencing - this is over the top by a long way. The US has an efficient system in the form of Section 8 without it costing a fortune to landlords or tenants - why can the UK not do something similar?


10:07 AM, 11th July 2012, About 9 years ago

You know my vernacular when it comes to Landlord license schemes, Mark. I can't think of a comment that you would be able to publish! 🙂


10:51 AM, 11th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Think of it as the first step in having your BTL profits taxed into oblivion


16:06 PM, 11th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Yet another Government scam to replace monies THEY have swindled out of the system and to line their own pockets. Why does the working man always have to pay for Government mistakes, greed and corruption. The best way forward is to start at the begining.Clean up MP`s scandals,salaries,expenses & pensions. Pay MP`s the average wage. Euro MP`s can also have the average wage and PROVE all their expenses, instead of having liberties.
How long will it be before the UK see`s the sights that were seen in the Middle East during 2011 !!!!!


16:51 PM, 11th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Authority is a form of control,nothing else. It has no inherent wisdom. Do not be fooled by the Government. You are its slave. You have to support their deceitful ways.
Silence is the peoples enemy!!


12:53 PM, 12th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Yes Roger. The people forget they have the power. Unfortunatley people either; 1] cant be bothered 2] would rather moan to their friends about a situation rather than stand up for themselves and take action 3] will not unite.....this is where the real power is.


13:14 PM, 12th July 2012, About 9 years ago

People. May you be reminded by the PM himself, that you DO NOT NEED TO GO TO WORK the Government will take Tax money to pay thier salaries and take care of the following;

The official email of the
British Prime Minister

David Cameron hails historic moment of
Welfare Reform
Today marks an
historic step in the biggest welfare revolution in over 60 years. My government
has taken bold action to make work pay, while protecting the
Key elements of this

The “Benefits Cap” which
ensures no one can get more that £26,000 in benefits (that’s the equivalent of a
taxed income of £35,000).
The “Universal Credit” which
will ensure that work always pays more than being on benefit.
These reforms will
change lives for the better, giving people the help they need, while backing
individual responsibility so that they can escape poverty, not be trapped in
Past governments
have talked about reform, while watching the benefits bill sky rocket and
generations languish on the dole and dependency. This government is delivering
it. Our new law will mark the end of the culture that said a life on benefits
was an acceptable alternative to work.
While we’ve been
putting in place a sensible, modern welfare system that protects the vulnerable,
our opponents have shown they are on the side of Britain’s something for nothing
We’ve stood up
against the abuse that left taxpayers footing the bills for people on £30,000 or
even £50,000 a year in benefits. It’s a fair principle: a family out of work on
benefits shouldn’t be paid more than the average family in work.
This is a core part
of the government’s task of turning around the legacy of debt, overspending and
waste we inherited. We want money to go to people who need it, not subsidising
the consequences of our broken society. By reforming welfare we will get people
into fulfilling jobs, not abandon them to poverty and dependency, save billions
of pounds of taxpayers’ money and make sure those who really need help get
That’s compassionate
modern government in action.
It’s also a huge
tribute to the Secretary of State for Welfare, Iain Duncan Smith, who has worked
tirelessly and with real moral purpose in tackling the blight of welfare
David Cameron
Prime Minister

Some Key Welfare Stats:
Universal Credit

Around 2.8 million low to
middle income households will be better-off on Universal Credit (UC).
The average overall gain
will be £29.00 per week under UC.
UC will lift around 900,000
individuals out of poverty, including more than 350,000 children and around
550,000 working-age adults.
Government will invest an
additional £300 million into childcare support under Universal Credit, on top of
the £2bn already spent under the current system.
Removing the hours rule will
mean that around 80,000 more families with children will benefit from childcare
support for the first time.
By October 2017;
approximately 12 to 13 million tax credit and benefit claims will be transformed
into eight million Universal Credit payments.

Benefit cap

The benefit cap of £26,000
will mean that no family on benefits will earn more than the average salary of a
working family (£35,000p.a. before tax).
67,000 households will be
affected by the cap.
Benefit cap will provide
savings of £290m in 2013/14 and £330m in 2014/15 (cash terms) or £275m in
2013/14 and £305m in 2014/15 (at 2011/12 prices).

Housing Benefit

We will set Housing Benefit
at a maximum of £400 a week so that we no longer have the scandal of families on
benefits living in houses that hard working families could never afford.
Housing Benefit costs over
£21bn in 2010/11 [or nearly £23bn this year] and, without reform, would increase
to £26bn by 2014/15 (cash terms). The Housing Benefit reforms that we announced
in the Emergency Budget and Spending Review will result in annual savings of
over £2bn by 2014/15.
Social Sector Size Criteria
will stop the practice of the state paying for rooms that are not being
This will help tackle the
social housing shortage that blights many lives in our towns and cities.
5 million people in England
alone are waiting for social housing.
In London 70,000 households
are getting Housing Benefit for extra bedrooms they do not need – costing the
tax payer £80million a year.


13:24 PM, 14th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Surely the benefit cap should be based on someone on the minimum wage and with some tax credits.
That is more the position that people are in.
Very few earn this so called average of £36000 gross.
So you would be looking at something like £16000 max benefits.
Loads of cheap accommodation up North which is where London claimants should have to go if they cannot afford London prices.
Just because you live in London you have no God given right to stay there supported by the benefit system.
To make it worth working the average wage would have to be about £45000.
No claimant is going to find a job that pays that.
I think the govt are going to be in for an almighty shock when making work pay by being better off by say £100 per week will not motivate people into work.
Would you bother working for an effective £20 per day and that is before tax, travelling, food at work etc.
Govt is in a dream world

by Neil Onions

17:46 PM, 14th July 2012, About 9 years ago

It's only the reputable landlords like me and hundreds of others that will register.
The unsavoury types will continue to provide a bad service to thier tenants and Newham will be non the wiser.
Of course Newham will then put up the charges, creep HMO requirements into all rentals and generally make a meal of it, to our financial loss.


23:19 PM, 15th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Caption: Ooops! Did I show 4 dingers. I meant to show two fingers!!

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