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Saturday 4th October 2014

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Neil Onions

20:09 PM, 12th June 2013, About 8 years ago

Is landlord licensing a pointless exercise?

As a landlord with a property in Newham I am incensed that councils will not use their existing powers to crack down on obvious bad practice by a few by penalising the rest of us.
Selective licencing will do absolutely nothing to help those tenants being abused by bad landlords, while penalising the rest of us.
Purely a way to raise more money by the council in my opinion!... Read More

Neil Onions

17:46 PM, 14th July 2012, About 9 years ago

Landlord licencing scheme boundaries released by Newham Council

It's only the reputable landlords like me and hundreds of others that will register.
The unsavoury types will continue to provide a bad service to thier tenants and Newham will be non the wiser.
Of course Newham will then put up the charges, creep HMO requirements into all rentals and generally make a meal of it, to our financial loss. ... Read More