Landlord Action – 3 Steps to Tenant Eviction

Landlord Action – 3 Steps to Tenant Eviction

9:38 AM, 18th September 2020, About 4 years ago

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The risks associated with illegal eviction missed rent payments and possible damage to your property if tenant eviction is badly handled are significantly reduced by paying for professional advice or services.

Accuracy is critical. Landlords won’t find a more accurate service. Generally using Section-21 or Section-8, both follow a three-step procedure. About half of all tenants leave at Step 1.

Step 1 – Serve Notice: We would highly recommend you consider personal service of your notice. With the notice periods now being up to 6 months you do not want any argument to be raised by the tenant as to whether the notice was actually served. Costs for London postcodes is £120 for any outside of London please enquire and we can provide a price

Step 1 cost is from £144

Step 2 – Possession Claim: If a tenant does not vacate after being served a possession notice then a court claim needs to be made. We can do this for you. If we served your notice then we will be in contact with you on its expiry and only need basic information to issue the court claim.

Step 2 costs are from £975

Step-3 Bailiff:

Only an obstinate tenant doesn’t leave by a date set by the court. When they don’t we arrange for officials to remove them.

£325 County Court Bailiff: Application for the Bailiff can only be made AFTER we have a Possession order (Step2)

£1250 High Court Sheriff: At the Step 2 hearing, some Judges agree to allow us to apply for a High Court Sheriff to enforce the possession order. This is a much quicker process than instructing a County Court Bailiff and is recommended if it was granted by the Court.

More advice is available from our main sponsors Landlord Action who provide a variety of services in relation to evicting tenants and general advice on tenant eviction and recovery of debt. You could do everything yourself, but we do not recommend it as there are so many legal pitfalls especially in the current climate with new emergency legislation coming from the government with very little prior notice.

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