Labour would end Permitted Development

Labour would end Permitted Development

9:28 AM, 24th April 2019, About 4 years ago 4

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Labour has accussed permitted development rules, which allow office blocks to be converted into residential housing without planning permission, of giving corporations permission to escape their responsibilities to build good quality, safe, affordable housing. Instead of adding to the housing stock slum housing and rabbit hutch flats are being created. Since the relaxation on planning rules over 42,000 new dwellings have been created from former offices since 2015.

Shadow housing secretary, John Healey said: “Conservative permitted development rules have created a get out clause for developers to dodge affordable homes requirements and build slum housing. This Conservative housing free-for-all gives developers a free hand to build what they want but ignore what local communities need.”

“Labour will give local people control over the housing that gets built in their area and ensure developers build the low-cost, high-quality homes that the country needs.”

Conservative vice-chair for Local Government, Marcus Jones, said: “Labour’s plans would cut house building and put a stop to people achieving homeownership. We are backing permitted development rights, which are converting dormant offices into places families can call home.

“Whilst Labour put politics before our families, the Conservatives are delivering the houses this country needs so every family has a place to call home.”


terry sullivan

10:00 AM, 24th April 2019, About 4 years ago

labor are bigger morons than mays mob

Rob Crawford

13:16 PM, 24th April 2019, About 4 years ago

The key point here (I think) is that social housing companies are being given a free reign to convert, at minimum cost, unused commercial buildings into emergency accommodation for the homeless. It's not PRS. The problem is that commercial buildings are not designed for this use, there are many H&S implications in using them as such. They escape any HHSRS assessment and intervention by LA's as they address emergency accommodation needs that could not otherwise be met. This is a dangerous situation and hence, if my interpretation is correct I support Labour's move on this. But do they have a workable housing plan? I suspect not!

Mike D

13:42 PM, 24th April 2019, About 4 years ago

That's OK says let local people decide, but will they want social housing?
If it's more pain than benefit, will anyone sick up the poor business case of losses?
Labour have never worried about business cases, more what can be delivered, with no thought of cost....

John Dace

19:08 PM, 27th April 2019, About 4 years ago

42000 more badly needed dwellings then. Thats 42000 more than Labour would allow? Oh hang on, they would rather spend our (tax payers) money to build high quality luxury pads to give out for free to all those doler / waste of space dossers who have never done a days work in their lives. - Because they are ‘entitled’ to a nice place to live. Meanwhile all those office space building would be left empty. Who the hell will vote for that? Oh yes - the work shy dossers!

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