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Mike D

19:05 PM, 27th April 2022, About 3 weeks ago

By reducing the tax on properties landlords can reduce rents?

Well it's added 20% to rents, so government should hold its hand up to rising Rents... Read More

Mike D

11:38 AM, 25th April 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Shortage of rental properties so extreme tenants are refusing to leave?

Not a surprise really.
I lady rented a property had 43 applications instead of an average 10.
Osborne S24 has killed the PRS with 10s thousands of forced sales due to loss making taxation, then add in legislation and the PRS become high risk and minor profits with abolition of S21 coming and EPCs . We're looking at a vastly shrinking sector, and a cause of rapid homelessness, welcome too poor an I'll thought through legislation making things self imposed... Read More

Mike D

12:09 PM, 30th December 2021, About 5 months ago

76% of councils report an increase in landlords selling up and warn of increased waiting lists

Hilarious isn't it....
As soon as S24 came out in 2015, landlords said it would happen.
Then they added
No tenant fees
Electrical inspection
Covid non eviction
Councils non cooperation, fines, empty home refurbishment
It's an endless list of legislation, cost and risks....
Incompetence, why no one would see it coming....... Read More

Mike D

13:22 PM, 29th July 2021, About 10 months ago

Landlords reporting an increase in tenant demand in last 3 months

Last 2 relets I've had 15-20 applications per property... Read More

Mike D

10:45 AM, 29th June 2021, About 11 months ago

Generation Rent wants the Government to force landlords to accept more risk

Rents are rising anyway as demand increases. I had 23 respondents for a recent flat, and the market has gone up by over 6% in the last 12m.
Legislation is driving up costs and rents, the government is protecting tenants at a massive cost to tenants themselves....
This is a massive own goal started by George Osborne... Read More