Keeping the pot on the boil

Keeping the pot on the boil

8:28 AM, 15th August 2019, About 3 years ago 1

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I make no apology for keeping the “Pot on the Boil” as the topic of how Boris intends to provide four million homes and where the Private Sector Landlord fits into his vision needs to be clearly explained.

In 2010 Gordon Brown said we need three million more homes. Since then one million new homes have been built and the number required has increased by one million. There must be a strategy. Can Boris let us into the secret?

The population on Britain is on the increase. It is not all to do with immigration. People live longer. Will there be Retirement Villages? What provision is to be made for disabled people? In the South East people are shouting out “No More Housing”. Enough is Enough! We do not wish the Countryside in South East England to be turned into one big building site.

Difficult decisions are the Privilege of Rank.  If he wants Private Sector Landlords to provide Private Money then there must be a package to incentivise the Private Sector to invest. The alternative is State Funded and that is simply not going to work is it?

Boris lives in a “Tied Cottage”. It goes with the job! My comments about giving him a home were tongue in cheek and designed to highlight the issues he urgently needs to address.

From 2010 the Country had gone backwards from 3million to 4million homes required. We are where we are, and it seems to me that the Private Sector is fundamental to Boris’ Strategy.

There are those that believe that no one should own houses at all and they are entitled to their view albeit it is out of fashion. There are those that say hold on restrict it to say one house per Landlord. Those critics should perhaps come up with an immediate solution for the army of people who wish to rent, but can find nowhere to rent, at a time when Theresa May’s Government caused an exit strategy for Landlords.

What Boris will understand is the need to attract landlords and not to drive them away. I would say to Boris “Action This Day” which were, of course, the words of Winston Churchill who is Boris’ Hero. Both Boris and Winston were outstanding Orators and outstanding Linguists but confined their explanation to words the masses would understand.

Boris’ will have to look to new build as existing build lacks the numerical capacity to provide homes in the numbers concerned. There is the Campaign for Crystal Clear English and Boris needs to be Crystal Clear how he sees the Private Sector Landlord being integrated into his plans.

Fergus Wilson


by Rob Crawford

12:28 PM, 15th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Well said Fergus, there is little understanding by Central & Local Government in general on future housing, poor and incomplete advice and biased thinking aimed at generating votes. Strategic thinking and planning by experts who understand human & business factors, i.e. how developers, tenants, investors (including landlords) and current and future private owners may react to possible decisions if made by Government. It's easy to say 4 million, explaining how and when is much more difficult, especially if those listed above are not being listened to in a non bias way. Boris, we need an injection of intellectual understanding, appreciation of the PRS, leadership and lots of common sense! Can you deliver?

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