I just lost £205 because I didn’t have Landlords Emergency Cover

I just lost £205 because I didn’t have Landlords Emergency Cover

11:33 AM, 16th April 2015, About 8 years ago 14

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I’VE just lost £205 on a single property because I didn’t have Landlords Emergency Cover in place. That’s a whole month’s profit for the property lost because I had put off buying the cover since December 2014.landlords emergency cover

The Letting Agent called me up at around 1000 today  to say the tenants had complained the boiler wasn’t working and the service engineer reported a faulty PCB that needed replacing. The total cost is £265, did they have permission to go ahead.

With tenants facing no hot water or heating, what could I do? I had to agree and have paid for the fix.

If I had Landlords Emergency Cover in place at £59.99 for the Gold version giving a max claim of £500, then I would have paid nothing but the cost of the policy. I would be £205 better off.

And the killer is that I knew the boiler was ‘dodgy’ as it is getting on a bit. I have it serviced (a requirement for the landlords emergency cover) and the tenant had told me it was making noises back in December. I made a note to put it on Landlords Emergency Cover but the phone rang and I forgot.

This is a real life lesson that the Property 118 insurance expert (and private landlord) has learnt the hard way. Don’t put it off. The price of the cover compared to the benefit is enormous.

Ironically I put another property on cover in February and in March the fan died on that boiler, saving me around £240 on the fix. I should have known better and got the other property on cover immediately.

So don’t fall into the same trap as I have, being complacent costs money. If you have a property that is prone to emergencies, get it on landlords emergency cover today.

But remember, this is not landlord buildings or contents insurance – it is emergency cover for breakdowns and problems. Check the details, the website makes it really easy to understand.

Operated for Property 118 by Surewise.com, a London based business; the flexible and fixed price Landlords Emergency cover on offer is excellent. By visiting the website you can read a straightforward explanation of exactly what you are getting. You can make as many claims against your policy as you like throughout the year, and don’t forget, if you have more than 3 properties you could be entitled to a discount. For more information please  CLICK HERE



Neil Patterson

14:44 PM, 16th April 2015, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Hugh Jass" at "16/04/2015 - 14:25":

A new boiler is a massive dent in cash flow once you add all the fitting costs, flushing and all the alterations that have to be made because the regulations have changed eg moving the outside vent 6 inches etc.

The actual cost of the boiler is less than half the total cost in many circumstances.

Paul Maguire

18:07 PM, 16th April 2015, About 8 years ago

I assume if the boiler is too old to fix the insurance doesn't cover the cost of a new one. I paid a £60 call out charge to be told [via tenant] that the 8 year old washing machine was too old to get parts for and the repair guy exited. I know these parts are interchangeable in most cases.

Jason McClean - The Home Insurer

18:28 PM, 16th April 2015, About 8 years ago

Hi Paul

On the boiler, as long as it is serviced annually, it should be covered under this Emergency Policy.

I don't think the policy will cover washing machines though. It will cover electrics/pipes and some other things, have a read at the offer.

£60 call out charge on a washing machine when you can buy new machines for £200 is scandalous!

Paul Maguire

22:07 PM, 16th April 2015, About 8 years ago

I either fix the washing machine myself now [usually something left in tenant's clothes has blocked the pump] or I replace with a £60 second hand one.

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