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Jason McClean

16:12 PM, 18th July 2019
About 4 days ago

Insurance loophole - illegal activities

Hi Charles

You are quite correct, most insurers will exclude damage from illegal activities such as cannabis farms.

However, not all insurers exclude. We have at least one market that would cover you for damage from cannabis farms, providing all disclosure was correct, there were regular documented visits etc, etc. Basically adhere to their terms and conditions and they will treat it as malicious damage and payout if all in order.

There is no such peril as 'illegal activity' that will feature on a schedule with cover, but it's good to know some insurers will accept damage as a result of.

If I can help any further, do let me know. The provider we have is excellent with an enviable reputation for dealing with claims and usually well priced in the market-place. They are not normally the cheapest - if you want cheap policies, then you can expect exclusions like these to be run of the mill. But saying that, I have all my portfolio with this provider and think the performance per pound is superb.

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Jason McClean

16:26 PM, 10th July 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Can I claim for hail damage 12 months ago?

Good luck, Darren, hope it works out one way or another!... Read More

Jason McClean

11:51 AM, 10th July 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Can I claim for hail damage 12 months ago?

Hi Darren

You can try to claim for this with the insurer you had at the time but I think it will be very difficult to prove the damage in association with any insured event given the time that has gone by and both tenant and letting agent not reporting any damage. Your claim is at odds with what they have reported.

You could end up registering a claim that is refused and you will need to disclose the claim when asking for future insurance despite getting nothing out of it. That could put the cost of insurance up or reduce the number of providers you can use.

Alternatively, they may accept the claim and payout, it all depends on the quality and approach of the insurer.

Sorry I couldn't be more positive for you.


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Jason McClean

10:12 AM, 6th June 2019
About 2 months ago

Tenant's damaged electrical goods uninsured

Hi Ray

Unfortunately, you and the tenant have no recourse to the owner of the flat above - he does not insure your property or your tenant's contents.

The owner of the flat above has no easy to discern legal liability to your tenant. If your tenant would like to pursue legal liability for the damage, then he will need good solicitors and deep pockets. As well as being prepared to lose. How can you hold the flat owner responsible for an accidental escape of water? How can you prove he has been negligent?

This goes to show the value of having your own insurance. Your insurers have paid for the damage to your property as is their legal obligation. It's up to them if they want to pursue the owner of the flat above, but most likely they will not for the reasons stated above.

If your tenant had contents insurance, then they would have replaced his items for him. Without it, he has limited options and I suggest would need to take legal advice.

It's a shame, when the average contents insurance policy costs around £76 per year for £5000 contents cover. It really is a false economy to not buy it.

I wish I could be more positive but hope the direct response helps to clear things up.

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Jason McClean

12:04 PM, 30th May 2019
About 2 months ago

UK’s driveway income hotspots

Hi Neil

Shouldn't make any difference as most policies that I am aware of do not have wording prohibiting this sort of activity.

If the car damages the property, then the claim will come off the car insurer, not the property insurance.

It may be construed as some sort of sublet, however, which needs disclosing to the insurer. Anyone doing this should tell their landlord who should disclose to insurer, just to be on the safe side.


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