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Jason McClean

16:54 PM, 3rd June 2021, About 2 months ago

Legal Insurance - A necessity or worth the risk?

Hi Debbie

Landlord legal insurance is fairly specific in that it covers tenant disputes, rent arrears, evictions and other landlord related requirements. It is not usually as broad as normal legal expenses in that it may not cover property disputes.

You normally need policy one per tenancy. There is no single portfolio legal insurance I am aware of right now but I do know a provider that is hoping to supply one to us within 6-months.

Is it worth having? In my opinion the legal helpline that comes with such policies is normally worth its weight in gold if you ever need advice on any landlord related legal matter. That removes anxiety quickly and lets you progress.

Any legal expense policy will only back you up if you have a 51% chance of wining the case or better. They will not take on lost causes.

It does come down to what cost peace of mind. Hopefully this helps.... Read More

Jason McClean

10:02 AM, 29th April 2021, About 3 months ago

Tenant's accidental damage to bath?

Just to help try and reduce confusion...if the bath is freestanding then it will be covered on landlord contents.

If it is fitted then it is buildings insurance.

The Management Company cannot insure the landlord contents.

Hope this helps?... Read More

Jason McClean

10:43 AM, 27th April 2021, About 3 months ago

Tenant's accidental damage to bath?

Hi Martin

It will depend on whether the insurance for the block includes accidental damage. If not, then no cover in place. This is one of the first items stripped out when it comes to lowering the cost of insurance.

Even if accidental damage is in place, then the circumstances may require malicious damage cover by tenants to be in place.

And if the bath is very old and the damage could be termed as maintenance then any claim will be refused.

Ask the Management Company on what grounds the claim has been declined; then you can respond effectively. And if you need better block of flats insurance in the future, then do give us a try, it's something we specialise in.

I'm thinking you may have the deposit as a last resort to pay for damage caused directly by tenants?... Read More

Jason McClean

11:03 AM, 9th March 2021, About 5 months ago

Is the insurance valid?

Hi Terri

It sounds like a detached house converted into a block of flats.

The freeholder would normally insure this as a block of flats. That is a specific policy that recognises the two addresses and offers benefits such as contents in common cover.

Normally a standard home insurance policy would not be applicable. Indeed, if ever a claim is made and the property has not been disclosed correctly, then you may expect the claim to be declined - that could be financially ruinous for you and the freeholder.

Block of Flats Insurance is not something to fear. It will cost more than the cheap standard home insurance policies, but usually not by much and having the correct cover in place is vital.

If we can help any further, do call on 01832-735388 and ask for Jason, happy to assist however I can.... Read More

Jason McClean

10:55 AM, 19th February 2021, About 5 months ago

Cat and dog allergy issues?

Hi Stewart

Sadly most landlord policies exclude damage by pets. I don't know of any that offer it.

That may change as it becomes more of an issue, but given the propensity for damage and claims, I doubt it will be a cheap option.

Personally, I have allowed pets in the past to my own properties but required an increased deposit and a pet clause in the AST that means the tenant has to pay for professional cleaning/repairs for any pet damage.

Hope this helps.... Read More