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Jason McClean

12:09 PM, 18th October 2021, About 2 months ago

Insurers claim this is subletting and Landlord doesn’t have control?

Hi Hitesh

With the information you have provided above I would suggest:

1: AGEAS as the insurer is within its rights to cancel a policy mid-term if new information previously undisclosed comes to light.

2: You 100% told your broker. What you told them should be noted in your statement of fact or schedule. The insurance is based fully on the written documents and it is your responsibility to read these and agree them. If it is on there then the broker did disclose correctly to AGEAS. If not, then the broker will say it is your responsibility to read documents and ensure the cover is appropriate and as per your needs.

3: The relationship you describe above is 'sub-letting' in insurance terms. We have providers that can cope with that but many of the big providers will not permit it.

4: I suspect AGEAS has not moved from its position but once it realised you were sub-letting did the right thing and advised your policy was not appropriate. You have done the right thing placing cover elsewhere, ensuring the subletting arrangement is noted on the statement of fact or schedule and permitted within the wording.

5: I'm not sure what you would be hoping to gain by taking any legal action? Ultimately the paperwork should have been shown to you at quotation and then you accepted it. It is your responsibility the paperwork is correct and offers the cover you need.

Appreciate it may be frustrating but if you have a correct policy with the cover you need in place now and you received a pro-rata refund, I struggle to see what may be gained by legal action now.

Do let me know if I can help any further.... Read More

Jason McClean

12:24 PM, 20th September 2021, About 3 months ago

Cautionary tale to include fire cover clause in AST!

Hi Carole

Fire and loss of rent is normally an insured peril.

Landlord Insurance normally requires an AST to be in place.

If your AST actively contracts to reduce your insurance cover, then an insurer may try to use that to repudiate a claim. Certainly first time I've heard of this in the UK if that is so.

I'd feel disappointed by the agent and insurance company in your situation and suggest you speak to their complaints departments and then the Ombudsman if not satisfied.

I hope this helps and if I can assist any further, let me know.... Read More

Jason McClean

9:13 AM, 19th August 2021, About 4 months ago

Landlord Emergency Cover

Hi Sweetsong

We don't use Surewise any more, but rather a company called CoPlus. The Landlord Home Emergency Cover appears good with decent feedback but costs £50 per property. We do not sell it in isolation, only as an add on to landlord building or content insurance, so perhaps speak with your existing provider and see what emergency insurance they can offer.

I do think part of the problem is understanding what Landlord Home Emergency Cover actually covers. It really does need to be an emergency, not an inconvenience or maintenance issue. Reading the policy documents should give very clear direction on cover on offer.

I hope this helps and if I can assist further, please call on 01832-735388.... Read More

Jason McClean

16:54 PM, 3rd June 2021, About 6 months ago

Legal Insurance - A necessity or worth the risk?

Hi Debbie

Landlord legal insurance is fairly specific in that it covers tenant disputes, rent arrears, evictions and other landlord related requirements. It is not usually as broad as normal legal expenses in that it may not cover property disputes.

You normally need policy one per tenancy. There is no single portfolio legal insurance I am aware of right now but I do know a provider that is hoping to supply one to us within 6-months.

Is it worth having? In my opinion the legal helpline that comes with such policies is normally worth its weight in gold if you ever need advice on any landlord related legal matter. That removes anxiety quickly and lets you progress.

Any legal expense policy will only back you up if you have a 51% chance of wining the case or better. They will not take on lost causes.

It does come down to what cost peace of mind. Hopefully this helps.... Read More

Jason McClean

10:02 AM, 29th April 2021, About 7 months ago

Tenant's accidental damage to bath?

Just to help try and reduce confusion...if the bath is freestanding then it will be covered on landlord contents.

If it is fitted then it is buildings insurance.

The Management Company cannot insure the landlord contents.

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