Invoice for property secured after police break in

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10:02 AM, 28th May 2014
About 7 years ago

Invoice for property secured after police break in

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Invoice for property secured after police break in

I have received an invoice after my property was secured after a police break in. My tenant of 7 years has left the house recently and I’ve given him his deposit back. I am currently getting the property ready to let out again. I commented to him that the front door was difficult to close, and he said it had always been a bit awkward and had got worse recently. I had to pay someone to fix it as best as they could and they told me that it seemed to be twisted and in their opinion had been broken into.

Everything became clear today when I received an invoice from a company who secure property for the police. It was for just over £200. I phoned them to ask why they were sending me a bill, and it appears that the police broke into the house on a ‘welfare issue’ and this company secured the door. This happened in January and they told me that they have sent a number of invoices to the tenant which he has ignored. So they found my name and address on the Land Registry and sent me the bill.

I complained that if they’d let me know earlier I would have been able to deduct it from the tenant’s deposit, and pointed out that they should inform the landlord as it is my property that has been damaged. At this point they offered me £20 off if I pay within 7 days. Invoice for property secured after police break in

I have emailed the tenant to tell him I’ve been sent the invoice and told I have to pay it and he should send me the money asap. Apart from the fact I have his mail in my house I have no hold over him so he has no incentive to pay this bill.

My question is – do I have to pay it? Or can I just give the company my tenant’s new address and tell them to pursue him?




sue nettleship

14:17 PM, 24th October 2014
About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "24/10/2014 - 13:56":

yes, this letter was prior to him moving in. I will be going to small claims court, but his dad is trying to say it was only for the initall 6 month tenancy, It is not on the tenacy agreement but a seperate signed letter so I am hoping this will stand up. For the future I will make sure it is worded differently to indicate for the full term of the tenancy. You live and learn as they say.

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