Ian MacQueen of Glasgow

by Property118.com News Team

10:40 AM, 4th March 2013
About 8 years ago

Ian MacQueen of Glasgow

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Ian MacQueen of Glasgow

The GOOD Landlords CampaignIan MacQueen of Glasgow

I have been a landlord for a few years now and I currently rent out two properties in Scotland. I try to provide the best level of service to my tenants and provide them with a higher standard of accommodation.

I manage both properties and carry out all repairs by myself. I do not intend to sell my properties and view them as a long term investment to supplement my pension. My strategy is to add another two properties to my portfolio over the next five years.

I would like to see tighter controls put in place to make it harder for tenants to abuse rented properties. I have had a bad experience with one set of tenants who not only walked away owing me a lot of money, but also owing money to utility companies, local councils and various other companies. Having said that the majority of my tenants have been great and have really looked after the properties.


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