Housing Association wanted?

Housing Association wanted?

17:41 PM, 23rd September 2020, About 3 years ago 6

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I would prefer to long term lease my properties to a local HA/Charity to give those really in proper need some stability. I realise there will be a lot more homeless to come, especially those who have never been in this situation before with furlough about to end etc…


I can’t find any HA/Charity in Torbay that taken on owners properties directly.

I know Mr Mellors (via this site) does this for another part of the country, so I am looking for any contact please that anyone has that can help 🙂

Reluctant Landlord

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Robert M

17:58 PM, 23rd September 2020, About 3 years ago

Thanks for the mention. Unfortunately Choice Housing Trust only operates in the Sheffield area.

Have you asked your council to provide you with a list of housing associations that are operating in your area?

You could also ask the council's homelessness team for a list of homeless hostels and supported accommodation providers (these are not necessarily housing associations), as they may wish to lease the properties.

Have you checked the list of Registered Providers (registered social landlords) of which there are 1628 RP's listed in the UK. - Unfortunately it does not tell you on the list where they have properties, so it could be quite time consuming to contact them all.

Judith Wordsworth

8:57 AM, 24th September 2020, About 3 years ago

The local council may run a Deposit and Rent Bond scheme for Landords wanting to rent to people. They will likely have a private landlords unit.
I rented out on a 3year term to a South London Housing Association and was the worst thing I ever did. They didn't maintain the property, and tried to cover over the worst mould problem I'd ever seen by just sloshing magnolia emulsion over the top. But forgot to do behind the radiators. I ended up having to knock back to the brick and redo everything. 16 years ago it cost me £10k to sort 🙁
I've just ended an annual LA Bond Scheme. Was better but regular inspections in the latter years were not carried out as deemed long term as the same tenants had been there 8 years.
You need to keep an eye on them.
Thankfully selling to the Local Authority so they can replace the bathroom suite and kitchen, never mind the boiler .... Combi boilers are the worst thing ever invented for lettings as tenants often don't bother to keep an eye on the pressure. This flat's had 2 boilers and within the last 4 months a new expansion tank.

terry sullivan

13:15 PM, 24th September 2020, About 3 years ago

combis are eu--crap

my kingfisher 2 is 30 years old and works fine

Peter Hellawell

20:15 PM, 24th September 2020, About 3 years ago

You could try Green Pastures who might have clients that are interested.

Tim Jones

20:34 PM, 24th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Me and my wife run a housing project of 5 homes for homeless people using our own HMO s and one we rent off a landlord who bought in to the vision. We are renting the properties well below market rent ( 5%-6% of cost price at the time of purchase ) but the charity gains grants to do them up (sometimes) - usually new kitchens , bathrooms , and full decorations etc . But the contracts are 20 years with 5 year breaks, because we are involved in the charity we know the houses are well looked after and maintained a support worker goes in every week days for 4 hrs - its a very nice model and we are housing some very vulnerable people we are growing at about 1 house per year.

The Secret Landlord

9:14 AM, 26th September 2020, About 3 years ago

While I respect your desire to help, I have to agree with another poster that having tried this before it was the worst thing I ever did. My property got destroyed and they washed their hands of it. My repairs bill was huge. I would think carefully on this beforehand.

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