Evicted tenant has left belongings and not contactable

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7:27 AM, 24th December 2013
About 7 years ago

Evicted tenant has left belongings and not contactable

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Evicted tenant has left belongings and not contactable


As there are soo many helpful people on this forum thought I would ask a question that readers may be able to help with please. Here is a brief summary

1. Tenant signed tenancy agreement and paid the required deposits and months rent
2. Tenant moved all items in, TV, washing machine, cupboard, table, etc
3. Tenant stopped paying rent after first month and was not even living in the property
4. We used rent guarantee insurance who have paid some of the rent and evicted tenant
5. All her belongings are still there, she is not contactable and has no forwarding address
6. She contacted letting agent to say she was going to pickup item on a certain day but left no address or contact details
and never turned up. Costing us time and money.
7. Solicitors dealing with case said we have store her items for 3 months under (Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 which, as the tenant owes you money, states that the goods must be retained for at least three months before they can be disposed of.) and give her notice of such.
8. Issue is that she has no contact address, tel number, reference, employer, etc… We have to send her notice to say items are in storage, will cost this much for doing so and ensure she has three months to collect before we dispose off the items).

Letting agent has been of no help either. Is there any advise you can offer here please.

Many Thanks



Rob Crawford

10:44 AM, 22nd January 2016
About 5 years ago

Interesting that Jiten has been able to get Rent Guarantee insurance. These policies normally require a candidate tenant to pass credit & ref checks. This process would have required employer, previous landlord, contact details, previous address, bank details, mortality check, NINO etc. More than sufficient detail for a tracing agency. If you don't have these details the rent guarantee cover maybe invalid! I think as a next stage I would be taking a hard line with my agent to establish exactly what information they do have. There is no reason why Jiten should not have visibility of this information.

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