Energy efficiency standards £2500 per property – Just the start!

Energy efficiency standards £2500 per property – Just the start!

9:25 AM, 14th March 2018, About 6 years ago

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Minimum energy standards consultation :- This consultation closed 13th March.

At the moment you only have to do measures that have no up-front cost. Clearly with the death of the green deal this would not survive.

They are proposing that you have to spend up to £2500 per property to bring it up to an ‘E’

  • Cash limit so you can’t save money by getting materials and doing it yourself
  • Time limit so if you’ve already made improvements in the past they won’t count towards the £2k5
  • No relation to either property value or rent
  • You have to do measures even if they don’t pay for themselves through energy savings – so ones that break the green deal ‘golden rule’

Now while it’s ‘E’ today do you think it will stay that way ?

In the ‘clean growth strategy’ and ‘fuel poverty strategy’ which are quoted in the consultation they have stated they want as many fuel poverty properties as is practical to be band ‘D’ by 2025, and all properties to be ‘C’ by 2030 – so while they are coming for £2500 today –if the principle is established – then how much will they come for to raise it to D then C in future years ? (>65% of PRS properties are currently D+E)

And what gets better is that they are suggesting that commercial and residential should be different.
For commercial you will have to carry out all measures that will pay for themselves in 7 years or less –however for residential you will have to shell out up to £2.5k.

The commercial approach seems fair enough, because it sticks to the golden rule of only doing measures that are cost effective.But they are saying it’s too hard for us residential landlords to work this out (the numbers are on the EPC)….and that it would be more complex for local authorities to enforce (which seems to be the real reason)

My summary was ‘just treat us the same as commercial’


Energy efficiency cost cap consultation on landlords and NLA response

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