EasyJet’s Stellios Is Getting Into Letting

EasyJet’s Stellios Is Getting Into Letting

12:25 PM, 25th September 2014, About 7 years ago 12

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So, Stelios has thrown his cards into the Property world to “shake up the property market”, as he did with the airline industry. EasyJet's Stellios Getting Letting

The site is now launched with initially lettings https://easyproperty.com/

I wondered what the view was within the existing property world – should agents be concerned?


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by Mark Alexander

23:02 PM, 17th May 2015, About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Jerry Maguire" at "17/05/2015 - 22:32":

Yes I agree.

LettingSupermarket.com have been the Tortoise in the race against the Hare so far, in that they didn't even consider upscaling to the levels of their competitors until they gotr their infrastructure working effectively and with solid client testimonials. In fact, their only promotion to date has been here on Property118.

Their recent success in terms of Crowd Funding proved beyond doubt the belief that their initial client base have in them. They have now raised the funding for TV advertising and have an infrastructure in place to deal with the volume so expect to see a turbo-charged tortoise passing the mad March Hares very soon 😀

by Jerry Maguire

7:11 AM, 18th May 2015, About 6 years ago

Mark I love your enthusiasm it's evident to see why you have done so well for yourself. Have to confess that I am skeptical though to be honest of letting supermarket ability to scale. You haven't even managed to raise the full £250k on crowd tube yet at a business valuation of £1.25mil and that's with the bribe of giving portfolio managers free lifetime mngt for up to 10properties (quite a giveaway). Easyproperty raised £3mil in 3 days just on the concept itself and more recently raised £10mil at a valuation of >50mi I believe, emoov just received PE funding and purple bricks have had Woodford involved and are now mulling a 2016 ipo.

I hope I am proved wrong and letting supermarket overtakes all these because I think from what I know of you that you are a thoroughly nice chap and have the right intentions, guess I am just skeptical of your Fire power advertising wise versus these players. Either way I would stress that the online market share will grow exponentially over the next decade as they steal market share from the high St & another thing that is not being discussed enough in my view is that landlords (& tenants) will be huge benefactors of the move via cost reduction. Moving full mngt to these companies is the equivalent of 10pct extra income versus some high St agents.

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