DWP have more holidays than Tamara Ecclestone and will delete your emails!

DWP have more holidays than Tamara Ecclestone and will delete your emails!

9:16 AM, 14th December 2020, About 12 months ago 17

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Tenants, another reason why you are homeless – DWP have more holidays than Tamara Ecclestone.

More reasons below why Landlords/Letting Agents are refusing Benefits tenants. Shelter, please talk to us. With your help & force & Media on your side, we can change this & thousands less will be homeless. And it’s FREE, CHEAPER! And Landlords, if the DWP never replies to you, here’s why.

You send your complaint to DWP, as we know they don’t reply. You then have to go to ICE Independent Case Examiner. Well, look what they’re sending back now:

Please be advised that if you have not provided your name and full address in your email we are unable to register and respond to your complaint and the email will be deleted. Please also provide your telephone number as this is our preferred method of contact. We will also delete emails that do not relate to the work of the Independent Case Examiner.

Please note that, over the Christmas period, our email inbox will close at midday on 18 December 2020. Any emails sent after this time will not be received or registered until 4 January 2021.

Your email will be DELETED! How nice and welcoming of them, when we’re already 6 months rent in arrears for a usually simple solution if you could only talk to a common-sense human being.

So you sensibly email people, we all know we don’t put our name & full address & telephone number at the top of the email. When you spent all that time writing, preparing that long email, you send it off and you get this back, it’s disconcerting, annoying, makes you feel like giving up. You feel like you’re talking to a robot. Why they just couldn’t say we will file this email, please now reply with name, address, phone number.

It’s all a process to put us off, make us give up, deflated. I’ve done these before, come back in the office next day & you realise you’ve wasted a day when you get this reply.

Now look at them holidays Ooohhh baby, what a dream firm to work for. I don’t know any other normal company on the planet that would give you that many holidays. Ooh sorry, it’s not a company, it’s an organisation paid for by the Taxpayer.

And the thing is tenants & Landlords, because complaints are spiralling and UC rent arrears requests increasing, these delays get even longer. Whereas if they gave us Landlords email access, queries would get resolved, rents would come in, we’d start taking benefit tenants again, & thousands less homeless. It really is that easy. We’ve done it with Housing Benefit over the past 23 years and these simple things work.

Here are some articles on the same:




by Landlord Phil

19:25 PM, 19th December 2020, About 12 months ago

Good luck with your call out to Shelter. DWP is gov funded, ICE is gov funded & Shelter get £20m a year from gov. They should champion this, but what's the betting they conveniently never hear of the call out. There's only 1 agenda at Shelter, & that's what gov tell them to do. At the moment, landlord bashing is the primary objective, not helping people.

If you do get any feedback, or contact from Shelter would you be good enough to post it here? Good, bad or indifferent, doesn't matter. I doubt you will though.

by Jonathan Clarke

10:27 AM, 20th December 2020, About 12 months ago

Nice one Mick
As usual spot on . At least with my council i had a bit of dialogue going even though it was always at snails pace . The DWP are impenetrable though . Its becoming increasingly clear it has been deliberately designed like this . I guess their goal is to shut our voice out completely . We suffer but the homeless and vulnerable unfortunately suffer more .

A GCSE student could have designed a better interactive UC system in an afternoon

by Landlord Phil

11:47 AM, 20th December 2020, About 12 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Jonathan Clarke at 20/12/2020 - 10:27
Hi Jonathan.
Prepare for it. The last time I said something like that, I got I tirade of explanation of how intelligent people had spent years devising a world beating system of making sure the funds get suitably allocated. I'm surprised we haven't seen it yet. I agree but I think you're being kind. No qualifications are needed to design what's currently in existence. It's a system of trade offs, designed to placate & just about deliver, with built in pitfalls for those that want to earn a living. It doesn't matter to politicians who suffers, as long as the overall brief is covered. Make it look right, not to be right is the goal. I'm a big fan if the way Finland do things. They took all the bits that the communists gave them & adapted them to the real world. Now you can make money whilst society works and people make a living there. And before anyone says it, yes I do think about living there. But until I can afford the move, I'm unable to. I'd encourage our politicians to go visit Finland. Learn a little, bring it home & stop being so selfish. I'm not Tory bashing, I'm disappointed with all parties. Are those we have to choose from really the best people to run our country? It's no wonder so many people don't vote. I wish I'd had parents that could afford an education that would allow me to be in politics. I'd have a go at it. However a northern son of a washing machine repair man won't ever be allowed to enter the Oxbridge set that make the decisions.

by Mick Roberts

18:20 PM, 20th December 2020, About 12 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Landlord Phil at 19/12/2020 - 19:25
Yes & ICE email address ends in dwp.gov.uk so how can they be independent enough to take our complaints?
I've had emails from Shelters top solicitor, she does it seems want to agree with me & I've asked many a times that we join forces to tell the Govt why we not taking UC tenants any more, she does send me links where Shelter has attacked the UC system, but they won't come that one step further.
And for funds getting suitably allocated, I've got the National Audit office looking at the Fraud that's being allowed under UC, all happening cause UC won't talk to Landlord. I'll copy some notes below which includes the Fraud. Please spread in your UC attacks.

UC Faults so far Dec20

Date periods when tenant leaves u, one day before BAP, Landlord doesn't get paid for the whole 30 days. New Landlord gets 30 days rent for just one day accommodation. Or tenant pockets the whole 30 days when they already in arrears to old Landlord.

Landlord can't report what the correct rent is. So a tenant, often an aggrieved tenant living in a £695pm house can tell Universal Credit UC that the rent is £50pm and UC believe her and only pay the Landlord £50pm.
This happens often when the tenant is subject to the Benefit Cap, so to stop the tenant losing money out her income, she just tells UC a lower amount. So the tenant isn't being Benefit Capped at all, comes out Landlords money now.

Direct arrears payments, wasting so much money when they know the tenant is already in arrears.

Asking tenant if in arrears, they say No, and then paying them £1,000’s in Rent Housing Element HE. The only person that can u tell u truth on rent arrears is the Landlord.

I’m getting more tenants on Universal Credit UC. Govt & DWP not listening at all. Fraudsters setting up claims in my tenants name & my tenants money gets stopped. My tenant rings up UC & UC says the Fraudster has to ring to sort it out-U cun’t make it up!

by Mick Roberts

18:21 PM, 20th December 2020, About 12 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Jonathan Clarke at 20/12/2020 - 10:27
Yes Jonathan, we had & have lots of dialogue with the Councils on HB, with Nottingham HB, I even have my own woman contact who is brilliant. Compared with UC, HB is like the best food ever.
U praising 'em too much with a GCSE student, I have tenants 6 year old kids say Why have they (UC) done that Mummy? Even the kids know the answers.

by Landlord Phil

11:17 AM, 21st December 2020, About 12 months ago

You have dialog with Shelter? Wow, I'm seriously impressed. Please use this well and help our cause. We aren't all bad & they really need to show that. Good on you!

by Mick Roberts

15:34 PM, 21st December 2020, About 12 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Landlord Phil at 21/12/2020 - 11:17I've had dialogue with top people in Shelter for about 2 years now, & I think that's cause I won't outright call 'em, as we gonna' do much better if we work together. But alas, don't get excited, still no definite offer of:
Mick, tell us all your concerns & the other Landlords & Bill Irvine (Head Landlord helper against UC) & we will take these to Govt.
Cause at moment, everyone on the opposite sides of Landlords are just getting everything wrong, & this is borne out by the homeless figures we see. It's so so easy to reduce this homeless with changes that will cost zero & then end up saving taxpayer millions.
First change Direct payment to Landlord which everyone understands.
Second change, talk to Landlord, give him email to tell of a problem.
Loads more changes, but them above two will save the taxpayer millions, if not billions, never mind the human cost of homeless.

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