Do I get in now?

Do I get in now?

15:02 PM, 14th September 2016, About 5 years ago 11

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Hello all – I am looking for some non-legally binding advice! Just your opinions and thoughts on the current market and how you would act in my situation.get in

By way of background I am 27 years old, own my own property which I live in and I am thinking of pursuing BTLs. Given the recent changes in tax allowances, I am strongly considering setting up a company to own the property as I fall into the 40% tax bracket. Would you recommend this for a first time buy to let investment or would this be considered too complex and therefore looked down on by major lenders? I am guessing I would also have to pledge a personal guarantee in favour of the company.

As I already own one property, I would be eligible to pay the increased stamp duty on any second purchase (3%). I have thought and done some initial reading on purchasing properties in trust for my niece whereby I (think) I would not have to pay the increased stamp duty on the purchase. Does anyone have an experience of this and in my situation should it be something I consider?

Finally, if there is no way to minimise my tax burdens would you recommend BTL to someone in my position at all given the headwinds the market is facing from legislation? Overall my gut tells me to get in now considering the fundamentals of property ownership are still looking grim for many in the UK.

All responses really appreciated!




by Ian Hamilton

18:22 PM, 20th September 2016, About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Steven Burman" at "20/09/2016 - 14:10":

Hi Steven,

Yes I am 100% satisfied with my investments with the Housecrowd.

My first investment was in project HCP003, so right at the beginning of the Housecrowd. I still hold this investment today. I can confirm that I have received all my interest/dividend payments on time everytime. I approached the Housecrowd with caution and like yourself made small investments until I was satisfied that they are a genuine company. I'm currently waiting for one of their development deals to be sold and look forward to receiving my capital back along with the 10% interest (tax free)

I really can't recommend them enough!



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