Discrimination against high risk tenants

by Readers Question

8:45 AM, 5th March 2019
About 2 years ago

Discrimination against high risk tenants

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Discrimination against high risk tenants

There has been much talk in recent media about landlords and letting agents discriminating against tenants who claim benefits for housing.

I don’t think that is the case at all, these landlords and their agents are simply refusing to hand they keys of their valuable assets to people who present a high risk. Would you give the keys to your car to a 17 year old driver if he was awaiting trial for stealing and writing off cars? Of course you wouldn’t, because you know your insurers would not take that risk so why should you?!

The same goes for people who cannot afford to pay rent, or at least do not pass referencing checks to a sufficient level for a rent Guarantee Insurance company to be prepared to underwrite the risk of non-payment of rent.

I don’t see how refusing to rent property to anybody who fails to meet the referencing standards of a Rent Guarantee Insurance company could be called discrimination. That would be like saying that landlords also discriminate against people with a string of credit defaults, bankruptcy, criminal records. If that’s discrimination, why is it that finance providers and insurance companies are allowed to discriminate based on credit profile and/or other associated risks? Logic says that we should operate on a level playing field, and so if renting to a person who is clearly a risk was to become law, then I do not see how that would be any different to compelling finance providers  to lend money to any person who wanted to buy any home or car of their choice and also compelling insurance companies underwrite those risks, even if the applicant was an unemployed bankrupt arsonist who has just been released from prison.

Am I missing the point?


Mick Roberts

15:23 PM, 12th March 2019
About 2 years ago

I've just posted this on the other thread as similar to this:

Excuse my delay, up to me neck in it with HB tenant being switched to UC & then no rent coming in for 5 weeks & the Govt wonder why tenants are in arrears or more in arrears as soon as they get switched to UC. Don't take a Labrador to work that one out, does it.

I've told Shelter to take me to court, they haven't replied.

It's ok looking at tenants on a case by case basis, but the UC system is big Mother case that all UC & Landlords have to abide by & be abused by.

Frank Field MP who's the main man in the works & pensions committee got in touch with me a few weeks ago he's going to inquiry this month to talk about why Landlords won't take HB. Well the Govt are looking at saying we naughty boys & MUST take HB, but Frank is using me & I've asked him to get other Landlords on the ground, as evidence, as we WANT to take HB, we just CAN'T at moment.

Main jist of my stuff is in here:


This more or less explains to Shelter from me and many HB Landlords why we don't take HB and Universal Credit any more

And some short text here:

I've loved HB for years and even I am now stopping taking HB.
Why don't shelter come and ask us why we not taking HB instead of telling us we must.
I want to take HB, but can't any more as with Universal Credit, we just don't know if we gonna get paid. I have 4 UC tenants so far, all in arrears from the outset. 100% failure rate.
Fix the system. I can fix it in 4.6 seconds. Did the same with HB LHA in 2012 and it started working again.
So SO EASY to solve if the imbecile Govt and UC DWP listened.
I am now discriminating against DSS DWP UC. Come ask me why.

dismayed landlord

16:11 PM, 12th March 2019
About 2 years ago

Why do travel insurance companies charge more or even refuse to insure persons with medical conditions? How long insurance companies have been discriminating. But now as a Landlord I find myself being part of that unique group who will only accept people who offer no risk. I do not feel good about it but I've lived with it all my life. Shelter has done bugger all to help me. There is no media witch hunt on insurance companies to accept me or make premiums reasonable.

dismayed landlord

17:04 PM, 12th March 2019
About 2 years ago

''I have some very good HB tenants, but also some very bad.
We’re getting older, we don’t want the hassle.
We’re renting houses and expected to be debt collector… social worker… policeman… Judge…'' - well said Mick. I will not be coming back - I'd rather leave the places empty and pay the Council tax.

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