Direct Line Renewal?

Direct Line Renewal?

9:35 AM, 6th November 2018, About 5 years ago 1

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Just a heads up to others…. Approx 30 days before renewal I received my renewal documents through the post and email , the renewal cost was within a few pound of last year (£428) and it explained I needed to do nothing if I was happy, which I was. Fast forward to renewal date (today) and I get an email thanking me for renewing my policy at £1050.00….

A scam email I hear you ask? no I checked today with the online policy documents and one of the houses has apparently been reassessed for flood risk and this is indeed my new premium. (The house is 1970’s terraced, 13m above sea level and 3/4 the way up a 1/20 gradient road so not sure on this one)

No email explanation, no contact just a last minute email which is a carbon copy of the one a month previous other than the amount has changed which you need to scroll down for. On a Friday and the renewal day itself it could have potentially slipped through the net, very sneaky I think.

I made the phone call asking them to explain the situation and at the same time asking for a copy of documentation in which I was advised of the re-calculation. Suddenly we have a lot of back peddling from them and now a policy back to the original price.

Of course its age old advice of checking the fine print but these sneak side swipes at my bottom line are getting a little tedious.


Editors Note: From Jason McClean

If you own more than one let property then you could save money and improve cover by buying a landlord portfolio of insurance.

If you own multiple properties, there are benefits to buying the insurance all together as discounts can be applied that single properties do not attract. In purely practical terms, it also means you can bring renewal dates together.

We have seen property portfolios of all different sizes and scales at Property118. What we need is a basic set of information for us to get a quote for you if you apply online, which may be available with your insurance renewal document. Here’s what is required for a portfolio quote:

About each property:

  • Full address inc postcode
  • Property type (terrace/detached etc)
  • Year built
  • Bedrooms
  • Rebuild cost
  • Construction type
  • Landlord contents
  • Any claims, flooding or subsidence history?
  • Tenant type – Working/DSS etc

Why not give us a try with your portfolio and see if we can save you some money and improve the cover at the same time.

I myself have a small portfolio of landlord property and insure it all on the same renewal date each year. I have saved a lot of money by bringing the properties together on one renewal date and hope we can do the same for you.

Please complete the contact form below and one of our dedicated team looking after Property118 memebers will call you soon.

Landlords Buying Group Insurance Renewal


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Mark Weedon

8:59 AM, 7th November 2018, About 5 years ago

This is alwayd the problem if you deal direct with an insurance company.
Find a good broker and he will do the work for you usually at a better price.

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