Did you know that Inheritance Tax is an ‘optional’ tax?

Did you know that Inheritance Tax is an ‘optional’ tax?

0:02 AM, 20th March 2023, About A year ago

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To all Property118 and Alphaletz readers!

Due to the great feedback we’ve had from our last webinar with over 300 registrations, Alphaletz’ Richard Jackson has decided to hold another educational event featuring Mark Alexander.

Title: How can you eliminate Inheritance Tax with the right company structure?

Date: Wednesday 5th April 2023 @ 7pm GMT

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Creating generational wealth is hard to do, so you must protect it.

HMRC raises less than 1% of its tax revenues from Inheritance Tax each year, and yet the UK has one of the highest IHT rates in the world.

This means that you could potentially lose 40% of your property portfolio to the tax man, having spent your lifetime investing and building it.

It’s often referred to as an ‘optional’ tax because there are ways to avoid it completely.

With the right structure, you can pass the whole portfolio on intact.

 Do what the most successful investors do.

 So, join us for a brief webinar where we discuss this emotive topic to learn more.

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