Council threaten after uncorroborated nuisance complaint?

by Readers Question

8:55 AM, 29th April 2019
About 2 years ago

Council threaten after uncorroborated nuisance complaint?

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Council threaten after uncorroborated nuisance complaint?

Last year I let a property to a young lady and her boyfriend. He was recently arrested for assaulting her and is on remand. The old lady next door who lives in a council property has complained to the council about loud music and shouting.

The council passed these complaints on to me urging I take action, or else. I spoke to my tenant who denied the complaints and told me the old ladies dogs are out all hours barking and keeping her children awake. I passed her comments on to the council and they said barking dogs do not constitute a nuisance. I told them I believed this matter was more about people not getting on and without evidence that my tenant was making undue noise, I couldn’t take action against her and also as her boyfriend was no longer on the scene, things might quieten down.

Mediation was organised, but the tenant didn’t attend. She goes to university, works and has 2 children and said she hasn’t the time to respond to false allegations.

I received a letter this morning from the council stating the house was originally bought under the councils right to buy (not by me) and I’m still obliged to follow its covenants namely not to cause or allow nuisance or inconvenience to neighbours. Also they say they will inform my mortgage company, that as the landlord I am neglecting to follow the covenants and I have three weeks to take steps or it will be passed onto the councils legal department.

The threatening tone of the council irritates me and wonder why they seem reluctant to investigate the noise complaints which seem to occur mainly at weekends. I’m tempted to do nothing and short of eviction I’m not sure what action I can take?




sheridan whiteside

18:38 PM, 5th May 2019
About 2 years ago

Thanks for your advice.I bought the house 6 years ago off the sons of the lady who'd lived there many years.I introduced myself to the neighbours as I had become aware of the type of estate I overlooked and the old lady ( I guess about 65,not ancient) next door kindly offered to keep an eye open and text me with any concerns,which she did.Having completed the renovations I let the house to a young family.The old lady had various issues with them, and those that followed, and now this one.I told her she would need to make her complaints official as I couldn't take action on her say so even though I was sympathetic. I naively believed the council would conduct an impartial investigation.The properties in the immediate locality are privately owned and council properties occupied mainly by older people and as mine is a three bed semi, families are the likely tenants and I wonder if this is the root cause of the problem. Future tenants are also likely to be families and if this tenant is evicted,it could be the start of repeat actions until I let to a quiet elderly lady who satisfies the locals requirements.That may take a while

Hamish McBloggs

19:12 PM, 5th May 2019
About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by sheridan whiteside at 05/05/2019 - 18:38
I would write that down and send it to the Council recorded delivery.


10:50 AM, 16th May 2019
About 2 years ago

What council is this,

'my tenant noisily got out of a taxi'

'she said council tenants don't tell lies'

I would let this go to court, this is comedy gold

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