Council to reassess my tenants Housing Benefit but they are taking forever. Help

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3 years ago

Council to reassess my tenants Housing Benefit but they are taking forever. Help

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Council to reassess my tenants Housing Benefit but they are taking forever. Help

My tenant had his Housing Benefit stopped, he has provided the info the council requested, but they are taking forever to do the re-assessment. Consequently I am owed many weeks rent which is seriously affecting my cashflow.

I’ve asked them several times to prioritise the matter, but I just get told there is a backlog and I have to wait

I can serve a section 8 notice to try and get the assessment prioritised, but the tenant is very worried about losing his home. Is there anything else I can do.

Many thanks



Sarah Pajger

3 years ago

I've had this problem. You can ask her/him to write in to the coucil and authorise the landlord to have access to her account, this way you may know what the info is they are after and help the tenant to collate together. If you are not feeling confident about the outcome, you could serve a S21 to cover your self only if they are outside the fixed term.

Paul Franklin

3 years ago

If your tenant is in 8 weeks or more rent arrears you can request that the benefit is paid directly to you. At least then when it does get sorted and paid you will recieve the payments direct and you should carry on recieveing it that way too.

Luke P

3 years ago

As Sarah says, try and get a data/information disclosure (best to do at the start of the tenancy), but also under Section 93 of the Housing Benefit Regulations 2006, there is a provision for Councils to make 'payment on account' where the Local Authority is unable to make a decision on payment with 14 days of the receipt of the claim/new information...but this is only from when they are in receipt of ALL of the necessary information.

I had a meeting with my local Council bosses yesterday to get this sort of thing resolved. In short, they are short-staffed and underfunded and are relying on folk not knowing the rules, hoping they'll just wait. Press them under Section 93.

Name and shame Council...

Sally T

3 years ago

Do you live near the tenant and council involved, if so arrange to pick the tenant up and go down to the council office and ask to see someone. It's surprising how much gets done in person, it also means you can get access to all the information if the tenant is with you.

P R Sims

3 years ago

Thanks for all your comments. I emailed the council a few days ago , before I posted here, I'll wait for their response before I act on your suggestions

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