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The slightly unusual dilemma of a Croydon landlord


Re-published – first published on 21st October 2013 Dear Mark (and all Property118 readers) I think my wife might be having an affair with one of my tenants. The usual give away signs are all there, lots of “girlie nights out”, which she never used to do, and phone calls where the other person just… Read more

Divorce and Transfer Of Assets For Tax Planning Purposes


I hope you will not mind me posting anonymously but you will understand when you read my question.  I read with interest on Property118 that a landlord can transfer a percentage of ownership of a property as well the tax liabilities accruing to that percentage to a spose without incurring Stamp Duty, capital gains tax… Read more

Thought provoking HMO and selective licensing question


The importance of my question is that, depending on the answer, it may be a way for landlords to bypass requirements for HMO licensing,  selective licensing and the problems associated with article 4 restrictions. Yes it’s a simple question but with enormous consequences and to my knowledge the question has never previously been asked. Just… Read more

Static Shocks in my rental property – what can I do?


My former home has been rented out for the last three years to a great set of tenants who would like to stay there long term. However, I fear they will move on because they keep getting static shocks. I’ve checked this out for myself and totally sympathise with them but I don’t know what to do…. Read more

Tenant being held on remand – what should I do?


We have received a cry for help from Julie Dawson. Her tenant is being held on remand and the Police have caused damage to the property through forced entry. Below is the email we received from Julie, what would you advise?


Zoopla or Rightmove?


OK, we know which is the biggest (for now at least), my question is; which do you think is best, Zoopla or Rightmove and why? This all started with a tweet (embedded below) but then I decided to make this an open discussion and several Estate Agents and Letting Agents have since responded as you… Read more

HMO Licensing – what’s the point?

HMO Licensing – what’s the point?


This article about HMO Licensing is very different to many of the other articles I’ve written as I’m looking for answers as opposed to giving them. I can accept that the principles of HMO licensing is to provide safe homes and I’m all for that but that’s not what I’m really getting at by raising… Read more

Might the word ‘Landlord’ be damaging relationships?


I’ve been writing for P118 for a while now and feel I have connected with enough sane voices here to put forward a slightly more insane idea for reasoned discussion, ideas that have been occurring to me for some time. The possibility that the very term ‘Landlord’ might be damaging relationships between landlords and tenants…. Read more

Can the Housing Benefit Office Do This?


I have a property which I rent to my son who is on Housing Benefit. He has several medical problems mainly brought on by the use of drugs in the past. I had two other properties which I had let out before to claimants that were on Housing Benefit. One of which was sold and… Read more

Traditional or Fixed Fee Online Estate Agents?


Hi Mark I have a question for you and your readers regarding traditional estate agents vs fixed fee online estate agents if you think it’s worthy of publishing. I’ve never tried these fixed fee agencies that keep springing up, I tend just to stick with traditional agents.


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