Buy to Let Market watch – High Loan to Value

Buy to Let Market watch – High Loan to Value

11:52 AM, 15th October 2014, About 9 years ago

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I have been updating the Quote Engine and Calculator with the latest products for readers, and thought it would be useful to give an update on niche areas of the Buy to Let Market, starting with higher Loan to Value products at 80-85%.

Buy to Let market products and criteria are like a set of scales where they will give in one hand, but take in another. Therefore, if you are looking for an 80-85% LTV mortgage you need to be prepared to offset a higher interest or application fee cost against the advantage of using less of your own funds. If balanced carefully you can obtain a great Return on Investment/Capital.

Above 75% LTV there are fewer lenders available with 80% being the most common option, but 85% LTV still possible with more restrictive criteria and costs.

Examples at 80% include:

  • 3.73% 2 year LIBOR tracker with a 2.5% Fee (Precise)
  • 3.95% 2 year Tracker with a 2.25% Fee (Mortgage Trust)
  • 4.5% 2 year fixed with a 1.5% Fee (Mortgage Trust)
  • 4.14% 2 year fixed with a 2.5% Fee (TMW)
  • 4.99% 2 year fixed with a £995 Fee (TMW)
  • 4.78% 2 year fixed with a 2.5% Fee (Aldermore)
  • 5.08% 3 year fixed with a 2.5% Fee (Aldermore)
  • 5.78% 5 year fixed with a £1,999 Fee (Aldermore)
  • 4.98% Life Time variable with a £1,999 Fee (Aldermore)
  • 5.49% 3 year fixed  with a 2.5% Fee (Keystone)

Examples at 85% LTV:

  • 5.19% 2 year Discounted variable with a 2.5% Fee (Kent Reliance)
  • 5.29% 2 year Fixed with a 2.5% Fee (Kent Reliance)
  • 5.59% 3 year fixed with a 2.5% Fee (Kent Reliance)

These Kent reliance products are no free lunch with a 6.58% reversion rate and a minimum loan of £100,000!

The above products are all added to our Buy to Let Quote engine and Calculator and you are free to have a play with them.

However because products above 75% Loan to Value are more specialised, the criteria for applications can be much stricter, so if you need any assistance to find a mortgage that will fit please complete the form below or call us on 01603 489118 and we will do our best to help 🙂buy to let market

Form to Contact Property118

  • Please give us a few details so we can investigate and call you back

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