Build flaw in new apartment lead to flood and denials?

Build flaw in new apartment lead to flood and denials?

14:54 PM, 30th November 2016, About 5 years ago 13

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We have recently had a BTL unit suffer severe water damage from an incorrectly installed toilet filling valve, which was cross threaded so over time it was inevitable it was going to leak, and the soldered joints in the brass piping in the bathroom walls had separated as they were not fully fluxed when first installed. responsibility

During the past 5 years we have owned the apartment (it was bought brand new and off plan) the leaks from these construction flaws pooled in the walling and, the subsequent complete separation of the brass water pipes led to a minor flood beneath the bedroom floors from the bathroom. Photos from the plumber clearly show the massive mould that built up over time behind the walls and box which encloses the valve and brass water piping.

The cost of pulling apart the bathroom walls to effect the necessary plumbing corrections and the replacement of wooden floors and carpeting, let alone the plumber’s bill is all for my account according to the insurance company, who manage the development, as the matter is an internal one.

They are totally disinterested in the fact that the damage originated from initial shoddy building work and would not have been noticed as the pipework and valve are hidden from view behind the bathroom walls.

Could anyone advise me on a way forward with regards to a construction flaw and my status re claiming against building insurance or the developer.

Please be aware that I am not a UK resident and reside in South Africa.



by Tim Wragby

23:14 PM, 1st December 2016, About 5 years ago

Email a guy call John Forbes- Tell him Tim from Boston gave you his email. Aspray have a fantastic track record taking on insurance companies and getting them to pay for a full rectification of an incident like yours. My only concern for you is that it sounds like you have already done a good proportion of the refurb and he may not be able to finish off the job but worth a try. Depending on where your property is he may have to pass you onto a colleague of his whose area your property is in. I have used them to very useful effect

by Wyn Burgess

8:40 AM, 3rd December 2016, About 5 years ago

Your lease probably states you are liable for pipework exclusively serving your flat. Usually the block insurance covers only communal pipes (ie those serving more than 1 flat) unless there is an extension to cover leaks from lessee's pipes. Personally (building surveyor working for freehold managing agents) I find these extensions a pain as it means careless landlords in the block can fail to maintain their heavily occupied flats knowing that the block insurance will pick up the tab for repeated leaks into the flats below.
You need to establish whether there is such an extension as it would be appropriate to claim in this instance. If not I think the NHBC is the best way forward but have you checked your own contents insurance?


13:14 PM, 6th December 2016, About 5 years ago

Dear All,
I quoted the relevant responses, that I considered pertinent from all your helpful comments, to my evasive block insurance company. I substantiated these comments with a letter of confirmation from the plumber, who attended to the broken water pipe, with his photos of a clear expose of a very long term leak and the resultant mould growth. I followed this up with a very determined phone call emphasizing my ire at having to take responsibility for what was clearly a latent build defect.
I was contacted on Monday by the block insurance company to inform me that the insurance had reversed their earlier decision to repudiate my claim and WOULD cover all the costs to make right and rectify the damage from the leaking pipe.
Thank you. I would not have achieved this without your kind assistance nor the very valuable existence of Property 118.

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