Who benefits from evicted tenants upgrades?

Who benefits from evicted tenants upgrades?

11:28 AM, 11th August 2014, About 8 years ago 4

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I would be grateful if you could help me. I have just evicted a housing benefit tenant over a protracted eviction process; she had been renting from me since 2011. She owes approximately £5,000 in rent – I had told her that she was welcome to stay as long as she likes and as long as she pays the rent but she not only dipped into the monthly payments on three occasions, she also has not paid the shortfall. However, she had installed a new kitchen and bathroom albeit without my permission (written or otherwise). Who benefits from evicted tenants upgrades?

The question I would like to pose is that after eviction she will be returning to collect her goods, furniture, personal items etc – is she allowed to remove light fittings, light sockets, installed gas fires affixed to wall or does that now form part of the fabric of the property?

Many thanks



by Mark Alexander

11:31 AM, 11th August 2014, About 8 years ago

Hi Ariella

Was there an agreement in writing with regards to the upgrades?

Once she has been evicted she shouldn't be allowed back in. If she leaves things then you should bag them up and store them. However, I suspect that your tenant will remove all of the upgrades she has made out of spite. You will then have to sue her for damages as well as the rent arrears.

You might be lucky but sadly, I don't fancy your chances.

Good luck!


12:38 PM, 11th August 2014, About 8 years ago

Another Insurance issue.

Removing the landlords property constituents theft and would insure the loss of property (and reinstatement works) unless the policy excludes "theft by tenant" in some way.

In addition, any reinstatement delay would constitute "loss of rent".


by Sue P

9:29 AM, 12th August 2014, About 8 years ago

I agree with Mark, if you have evicted her then don't allow her further access to the property.
Change the locks, bag her property and let her know where it is stored - on the front lawn sounds reasonable. Give her a fixed period of time to collect, then dispose of it.

by Mark Alexander

9:31 AM, 12th August 2014, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Sue P" at "12/08/2014 - 09:29":

Hi Sue

Can I assume that the final part of your comment was tongue in cheek?

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