Bedsit to Bedsit with shower and Loo – Council tax?

by Readers Question

13:56 PM, 2nd March 2015
About 6 years ago

Bedsit to Bedsit with shower and Loo – Council tax?

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Bedsit to Bedsit with shower and Loo – Council tax?

I am just about to convert a dingy bedsit into a bedsit with loo and shower, the room size will remain the same, the loo and shower will be enclosed in a soundproof studded partition.

Is anybody able to tell me whether, the local council are able to impose council tax after the change is done. As the landlord I pay council tax on the whole building.

I will value your comments.


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17:45 PM, 2nd March 2015
About 6 years ago

I remember being asked by a landlord to show a council inspector around a house that had been converted into six units/rooms. Showers and wc's in the shared hall ways. The property was taken as a house share with rooms let, so one council tax bill.

In talking to the inspector, if a unit has its wc, shower & sink unit behind the lockable front door to the room, then it is classed as self contained, and would attract it's own council tax bill.

This was in Waltham Forest, but I would guess each area has its own take on the matter, and would also guess LBWF would change its mind every so often too..

brian clement

22:47 PM, 2nd March 2015
About 6 years ago

I had two bedsits. Both consisted of a very large room with a kitchen area, a bed area and a sitting tv area. These bedsits had 2 bathrooms + 2 wc's ie one for each bedsit. To get to their bathroom + wc they needed to go out of their bedsit and take 4 steps across the hall. The bathroom + wc was not in the bedsit. My bedsits were inspected and I had to pay separate band A Council Tax on BOTH units. They were not self contained so I appealed. I lost.

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