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brian clement

1:39 AM, 22nd April 2021, About 3 months ago

What is defined as Capital Expenditure?

I purchased a flat that only had a sink for a kitchen. I installed a budget kitchen. As this must have been an improvement I put receipt in capital gains box. 15 years later I have replaced this kitchen with a nice new kitchen. Is this an income expense or a capital gains expense.... Read More

brian clement

0:42 AM, 14th March 2021, About 5 months ago

Permitted Occupier - or not?

This happened to me last year. Had good tenant for 10 years. She fell ill and daughter moved in to care for her. 6 months later she died. Daughter remained in flat. I then found that the locks had been changed. She would fone agency promising to move out but did not. After a few months notices were put on her flat door saying she was squatting. After 2 weeks a TORT notice was put on her flat door giving her 14 days to leave and return keys. She foned agency saying she was off to see family lawyer. Soon after that she posted keys through agency door. She left the flat damaged but worse than that a dog had been locked up in flat and there was dog mess in all rooms. My advice to you would be to change the locks and get back into your flat while they are at the funeral. Good luck.... Read More

brian clement

0:40 AM, 31st October 2020, About 9 months ago

brian clement

0:45 AM, 29th October 2020, About 9 months ago

How do I transfer ownership of my rental house into my wife's name?

I am planning to make a Deed of Gift to my son of my non mortgaged BTL property. Whole property consists of ground floor shop and flat and first floor flat. I am expecting to pay CG in normal way with new 30 day rule. Am I correct.... Read More

brian clement

0:18 AM, 29th October 2020, About 9 months ago

New 30 day CGT reporting and split commercial/residential property?

What are the consequences if the CG Tax return is later than 30 days.... Read More