Assetz Buy to Let Guide (FREE download)

by Mark Alexander

14:58 PM, 15th October 2014
About 6 years ago

Assetz Buy to Let Guide (FREE download)

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Assetz Buy to Let Guide (FREE download)

Having been a landlord for over 25 years, as you can probably guess I’ve read more than my fair share of guides written to help landlords to understand buy-to-let, I’ve even written a few of my own! Assetz Buy to Let Guide

From time to time I am invited to review guides written by other people, the latest coming from a company called Assetz Plc. They’ve been around for several years and are quite a large group but until now I’ve not had a lot to do with them. They recently approached me to discuss becoming a sponsor of Property118 and suggested their new 32 page guide would be an excellent way to introduce themselves to Property118 members – I agreed 😀

Even after all this time in the business I still enjoy reading other peoples materials as there is usually at least one golden  nugget of information which, at the very least, gets me thinking. We never stop learning!

My first impression of the guide was that it started in the right place – so many don’t! It is geared towards newbies so the first few pages really do begin with the absolute basics.

11 pages into the guide I came across something rather refreshing – a list of … wait for it ……. DISADVANTAGES!

These included:-

  • Ongoing costs such as property maintenance and council tax can be costly
  • Untenanted periods are always a possibility
  • Not necessarily a ‘quick sale’ due to the nature of the asset
  • You may come across problematic tenants
  • You need to budget for things not running smoothly such as rental income to cover the mortgage repayments when the property is vacant

All sensible stuff in my humble opinion.

I also really like the simplistic explanations and jargon busters throughout the document. I received an email from an established landlord just this weekend asking me to clarify some industry terminology. If you are reading this article (Denise) you need to download this guide.

What really shocked me about the guide was the distinct absence of a sales pitch!

Assetz would very much appreciate feedback from YOU, and I will enjoy reading your comments too. Please be kind though, without sponsors there would be no Property118 – YIKES!

Please download the guide free of charge and then leave a comment below – all constructive feedback will be very welcome.

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