As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

As a Landlord in the General Election I intend to vote for:

14:07 PM, 4th November 2019, About 2 years ago 113

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With an impending General Election and none of the established political parties vying for the Landlord vote, will it be a case of holding your nose and supporting the least worst option?

As a snap shot for the PRS please be our guest in completing our polls below for who you would consider now and who you voted for in the last election.

If you would like to, please also let us know in the comments section below your reason for intending to cast that vote, and why you have changed your mind from 2017 if indeed you have.


by Martin

13:08 PM, 29th November 2019, About 2 years ago

Quite saddened about the post I'm about to write.
I've spent hours trawling through manifestos and proposals that will directly affect myself and my family. I've talked to many people and to steal a phrase from a friend of mine the Labour party have a "disconnect with success" and as such appear to be out to penalise the "haves" despite the fact that the vast majority have worked hard for it.
I voted remain and I am a firm believer that Brexit will massively damage our economy and country for many years to come. I also happen to believe that there is a very good chance that in the event of a second referendum the result would be very different.
I am also believer in Democracy and I accept that however the initial referendum was run and whatever untruths were told the leave vote won.
From my previous posts you will see I favour a second referendum and have previously stated I would be happy whatever the result, because we would be sure.
Now we come to the bit that saddens me, throughout this entire process I have always held the belief that we must do what is best for the country and the collective good. Regardless of whether you agree with my opinion that is where my stance has come from.
Over the last few days I have felt myself being boxed in by the tax proposals and manifestos to the point where finally I feel I have to make the decision based solely on my own circumstances.
For me personally the least worst is now Conservative where i have to vote for a proven liar and his roughshod version of Democratic politics because financially anything else in the short term is a disaster.
As I am not naive enough to believe things proposed by other parties won't be poached in the medium term I think I am only putting off the inevitable.
Moving forward I have made the decision to sell my outlying properties as they come up. The properties I have near to the American airbases I will keep, and I will no longer rent to UK tenants only USAF. I now expect over the next 5 to 7 years to sell my entire portfolio.
How on Earth did it come to this?
I predict we will leave on January 31st, but it will have a minimal effect as we enter the transition phase, at the end of 2020 we will have a few trade deals in place but not many. Business will dribble away from the UK over the course of 2020.
The recession will start properly in 2021, when we leave properly. Then the rebuilding starts and somewhere between the mid 2020's and early 2030's we will start recover and become an economic power again. By 2040 we will have reapplied to join Europe as it will be the way forward to world markets and better trade deals.
The above are simply my thoughts and my opinions and I'm not looking for an argument or to upset anybody it is just how I see it.
From my individual point of view I now feel the best thing is to quietly pack up my tents and slip away while the world isn't looking.
How very sad.

by Laurie

21:57 PM, 29th November 2019, About 2 years ago

Chin up Martin - always look on the bright side of life! The EU might not exist by 2040, at least in its current format..

by Richard Adams

22:06 PM, 29th November 2019, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Laurie at 29/11/2019 - 21:57
Laurie you are dead right, the EU almost certainly won't still exist by 2040. It is rotten to the core which is another good reason to get out. Once we are out proving it can be done having failed to be brow beaten into holding second referendums like Ireland and Denmark in the past there will be several countries following our example seeking to leave. Our progress towards exit is being watched closely by a few countries right now.

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