ARLA Call on Landlords to Think Green

ARLA Call on Landlords to Think Green

11:48 AM, 11th June 2012, About 12 years ago 1

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The Green Deal has fallen on deaf ears according to the latest research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

The research found that half (51%) of the landlords questioned hadn’t heard of the Green Deal and over a third (33%) didn’t actually know the energy rating of their buy to lets.

ARLA believe landlords should do more when it comes to energy efficiency, especially as 14.5% of landlords admitted at least one of their properties is currently in the bottom two EPC categories. They also believe landlords should make the most of what is available to them to avoid falling foul to future changes in regulation.

ARLA’s Operations Manager, Ian Potter commented: “At a time when energy prices are rising and average household disposable income is reportedly at a four-year low, making a rental property more energy efficient could mean a big difference for tenants, and help a property stand out.

“Moreover, the Government is proposing a ‘minimum standard’ of energy efficiency in privately rented homes from April 2018 – likely to be set at an E rating. This means there really is a need to get on board with improving the energy performance of rental stock.”

Alan Ward, Chair of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), said: “Under the government’s current plans landlords are not involved in Green Deal finance. We are pushing for direct access to Green Deal and the increase of LESA to £14,000 which will be of more benefit to those tenants in energy poverty among properties with low EPC ratings.”

Currently, landlords can claim up to £1,500 in tax allowances each year for implementing loft insulation and other measures to improve the property’s energy efficiency through LESA (The Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance LESA).

Mr Potter continued: “We support the RLA’s calls around both the Green Deal and LESA, and in addition, would urge in for LESA to be extended beyond its current end date of April 2015.”

Find out more about the Green Deal, or read the latest Green Deal news.

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2:00 AM, 13th June 2012, About 12 years ago

Well the LL of 682000 rental properties that currently don't meet the minimum E EPC standard had better get their act together because by about 2016 if the properties are not up to this standard they will be illegal to let out.
Now there are only so many builders in the UK.
If they started tomorrow these builders would not complete the work in time.
If you cannot rent your property out what as a LL are you going to do??
You will be an idiot LL if you leave things to the last moment as you will not be able to find anyone to do the GD work.
Who is going to pay the mortgage on the renttal property if you are not permitted to rent it out.
LL need to wake up and shape up otherwise their financial future if any will be severely.
This GD work is not discretionary LL MUST have the works done whether they like it or not.
Better to have it done now or sell the affected properties.
These properties that presently don't meet the EPC E standard tend to be your more traditional terraced property.
The GD works have to be done so why LL are seemingly reluctant to recognise the imperative of these works being carried out seems bizarre.
It is an opportunity for LL to upgrade these down at heel properties, effectively for FREE.
There is NO choice in the matter so the LL might aswell get the works done ASAP.
They will improve the capital value of the property and make it a better rental proposition

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