A Landlords Mid Life Crisis

A Landlords Mid Life Crisis

10:21 AM, 22nd February 2013, About 11 years ago

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Landlords Mid Life CrisisOMG, what have I done to this poor landlord!

I wrote an article a while back called 10 things landlords must do before it is too late. I wrote it with one friend in mind. He’s done really well for himself and has a portfolio of 85 very positively cash-flowing properties. However, I felt he had become addicted to buying and might have lost sight of why. I didn’t know how to broach the subject with him so I wrote an article knowing that he would get around to reading it and might recognise some of the things I was saying as things he really ought to think about himself.

Obviously I didn’t name him and I threw a few curve balls into the article too so that other people wouldn’t realise who I was talking about either (I may have done the same thing here to HAHA).

It must have touched a nerve though!

Since then he’s been to visit old friends in South Africa and Australia. We’ve been to some lovely restaurants together and he even seems to have almost cured his addition to buying more properties. He’s only had one relapse since LOL

However, he’s also purchased a Ferrari 599, a racing Mini and not one but two Harley Davidson motorcycles!

I can’t complain though, he’s also very keen to support The GOOD Landlords Campaign and is having his racing car stickered up to help spread the word. He keeps asking me to go to Snetterton Raceway for track days with him but I’ve managed to stave that off until now. I’ve heard he’s a bit crazy on the track – I think I’ll take a spare pare of undies if he does manage to talk me into it!

When the car has The GOOD Landlords Campaign stickers on it he’s agreed to let me have some pictures of it for the website and also to do a spotlight article on him so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you would like to read the article which changed his mindset so significantly please complete the short form below and you will be linked straight through to it.

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