Corporate Landlords Corrupting Government?

Corporate Landlords Corrupting Government?

20:21 PM, 25th November 2016, About 6 years ago

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Corporate Landlords Corrupting Government

You may recall that in December 2015 Property118 researchers exposed the source document behind George Osborne’s tax grab on private landlords –LINK 

The young man who wrote the report, which was presented by the Inter Generational Foundation, was David Kingman. We will refer to him as Kingman Jnr.

We now know that Inter Generational Foundation is sponsored by Legal and General, and this is where the plot thickens.

At the time Kingman Jnr wrote his paper, John Kingman (let us call him Kingman Snr.) was the Treasury’s second most senior civil servant. We haven’t been able to confirm whether or not they are related but we intend to find out.

Kingman Snr is no longer a civil servant. He is now Group Chairman of Legal and General, whose website states “In 2015, we partnered with PGGM, one of the largest Dutch pension managers, to form a £600m partnership to develop purpose-built private rental housing across the UK. We expect to play a significant role in this sector to form a new institutional asset class and are seeing a strong pipeline of opportunities. Additional investors will be introduced to the fund generating further fees for LGIM, as our build to rent portfolio grows in 2016 and beyond.”

This is the tip of the iceberg, today we exposed further shocking connections between Government and corporate entrants into the private rented sector.

You can read about them HERE

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20:45 PM, 25th November 2016, About 6 years ago

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