6 months rent up front but nothing signed!

by Readers Question

15:49 PM, 18th July 2016
About 4 years ago

6 months rent up front but nothing signed!

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6 months rent up front but nothing signed!

We are renting a house and the landlord told us he’s selling so we looked for somewhere else to live.cash

We found a house and paid 6 months rent up front to secure the property to the estate agent.

We then got a call form our original landlord to say he’s no longer selling his house and we can stay!

Can we get our 6 months rent back from the landlord/ estate agent ??

We haven’t signed any thing ?


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Simon Hall

18:29 PM, 18th July 2016
About 4 years ago

If you have not signed anything then you are NOT legally committed to any contract. Therefore the money must be returned.


10:24 AM, 19th July 2016
About 4 years ago

Why on earth would you pay 6 months rent in advance!!?? I hope the estate agent is reputable and you have proof of payment.

Rob Crawford

11:06 AM, 19th July 2016
About 4 years ago

Some agent fees maybe deducted to cover the agents usual costs. You should be aware of these costs and they are required to be detailed within the advert. As no paper work has been completed then you are in a good position to receive the majority. This assumes an agency of good standing. However, I am not sure of your legal rights as under common law paper work is not necessary. If you verbally agreed to the tenancy by law the agency is not liable to refund and the contract is in place! I would contact the agency asap the sooner the better. If their stance is the later then you need to seek legal advice. Alternatively you could move. I would be keen to understand why your current landlord has changed his/her mind. It may be a postponement whilst he/she waits for the market to pick up in which case you may receive another possession order in a few months time!

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