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Martin Rdg

11:10 AM, 16th August 2018
About 5 months ago

Update with Some success

Is there anything to stop you naming this woman here - it will be in the court records.

Also is there a register online anywhere for landlord to report tenants who they would not let to again - I guess there is some stupid law that prevents it... Read More

Martin Rdg

8:33 AM, 13th September 2017
About A year ago

Bank of Mum and Dad advice please

You could buy the property jointly and then do a declaration of trust (I think that what it is called) stating that you own x% and your daughter X%. Due to my own circumstances I chose to own less than 1% for IHT purposes and my daughter the rest. I did it this way just to obtain the joint mortgage. I hope that makes sense... Read More

Martin Rdg

15:44 PM, 9th May 2017
About 2 years ago

Camden Council licencing Prosecution - Can they stop sale?

Speak to your solicitor. Assuming the flat is in good condition it makes me angry when councils do this as so many properties are no better than shxx holes and they should concentrate on those properties - having said that 5 people sharing 1 bathroom is not ideal... Read More

Martin Rdg

13:29 PM, 4th May 2017
About 2 years ago

How can I redirect post from my rental property to my main residence?

I assume you receive the letters from the tenants eventually so when you do let who has written to you know the address to write to - simple.... Read More

Martin Rdg

12:17 PM, 9th February 2017
About 2 years ago

Ltd Co asking for a debt to be paid by one of its Directors?

David Price wrote - see above "Took another two years before he sold his flat and the new owner was left with the bill."

Normally a solicitor for the buyer of a leasehold flat would enquire from the managers of the freehold if anything was outstanding - I have a share of a freehold in a converted victorian house - 7 flats with equal shares. One owner was behind on his maintenance fees and wanted to sell- it was made quite clear to the purchasers' solicitors that we (the management co of the freehold) would not issue a new share certificate to the proposed new owner until all outstanding bills were paid - that soon had the desired effect and the monies owed were soon paid.... Read More