3 month AST?

3 month AST?

16:22 PM, 26th August 2014, About 9 years ago 3

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I was in the process of selling a six bed HMO and all the tenants were quite happy to leave. I am rehousing three of them and the other two (one has already left) were looking further afield. 3 month AST

Contracts were due to be exchanged around the second week of September but last Thursday the sale fell through.

I would still like to sell the house and have put it back on the market, but in the meantime have been approached by a friend who has to leave her rented accommodation by the end of August. She is going for an operation second week of September and is in a terrible state worrying about where to go.

My question is: assuming I find another buyer and the sale goes through this time, I am going to have the house for another three months at least. Can I give my friend a three month AST?

Is there such a thing or is it a different animal altogether?



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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

16:26 PM, 26th August 2014, About 9 years ago

There is nothing to stop you giving a tenant a three month AST, it can be any number of months. HOWEVER, the problems come if the tenant refuses to leave after 6 months because the Courts will not grant possession for at least 6 months.

Unless you also live in the property a licence will not be valid either, hence the default AST rules will apply and leave you in the same position.

Why were you moving tenants out? Are you selling with vacant possession and if so why?

Sian Wyatt

19:54 PM, 26th August 2014, About 9 years ago

I am selling with vacant possession because I don't think an hmo licence will be granted again to a new owner, so it will be more desirable to buy as a family home (albeit a big family). The local council have been very uncooperative and it was a struggle to get my licence. I did have an offer from someone who wanted to have an hmo. I said I would only take the offer once they had spoken to the council and were happy they could get a licence. The offer was withdrawn an hour later.

prakash parekh

7:19 AM, 31st August 2014, About 9 years ago

Hi Edna,
I own some HMOs, and was very interested why the council are refusing to give a renew to the HMO License. What are their reasons for this?

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