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Sian Wyatt

16:37 PM, 15th January 2018, About 4 years ago

Landlord wants us to sign tenancy agreement for more than we pay?

If the landlord is renting a house with unsafe electrics you need to inform the council EHO. Yes the landlord will probably give you notice, but he may then relet to someone more desperate without fixing the dangerous electrics. If this is the case he is the sort of landlord who gives us all a bad name.... Read More

Sian Wyatt

10:32 AM, 28th November 2016, About 6 years ago

Tenant In Distress - Mowing The Lawn

I was joking about the sheep. But seriously it is my understanding that if offering a new tenancy agreement your landlord has to now supply an EPC among other things. With no CH and blown partial double glazing how high a rating will he achieve? Just asking. Also, I assume you have had rent increases yearly over the 14 years?... Read More

Sian Wyatt

7:19 AM, 28th November 2016, About 6 years ago

Tenant In Distress - Mowing The Lawn

If the garden is that big, have you considered two sheep?... Read More

Sian Wyatt

13:53 PM, 10th March 2016, About 6 years ago

Tenants and Housing Benefit and the lender

I have three flats in a bock of 16, and the management company asked me if any of my tenants were DSS. This was because the premium everyone would have to pay would be more if this was the case and then I would be in breach of my lease, because that says I can't do anything in my flats which will be detrimental to other residents.

I feel this is discriminatory as there are many reasons people are in receipt of benefits and not all of these reasons make them a higher risk. I also questioned whether they asked this of owner occupiers. In the end I refused to answer as I said I wouldn't necessarily know so could not be held responsible for the future financial position my tenants might find themselves in.

I know many landlords have had awful experiences letting to DSS, but I have found the 5 tenants I have at the moment (in freehold properties) are grateful for a decent home and are looking after things very well.

Is it legal to disciminate against someone with mental health issues or physical disabilities? If these things mean they are on benefits, surely it is not fair of insurance companies to discriminate against them because they are tenants not owner occupiers?... Read More

Sian Wyatt

12:50 PM, 11th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Asking for readers experiences of purchasing Freehold please

I missed the opportunity to buy the freehold of a block of 10 flats of which I owned one. I had reason to regret this when the freehold was bought by a company which shall be nameless. They then set about making this profitable by increasing the costs for leaseholders by huge amounts and were very difficult to communicate with. I really wished I had managed to buy the freehold myself with or without other owners. I ended up selling the flat.... Read More