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Help us to protect YOUR tracker margins

ACT NOW to protect the margin on your YOUR tracker mortgage


If you have a tracker mortgage you may be forgiven for thinking that your mortgage payments will only change when the base rate changes.  Just suppose you open your post one day to find that your mortgage lender has decided to increase the tracker margin by a couple of percent! Sounds unimaginable doesn’t it? Well… Read more

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Donations and Fundraising


Our forums are funded entirely by donations and sponsorships, we do not carry advertising, nor do we charge subscription fees as this would be self defeating towards our mission. Please help us to keep it this way, there is no minimum donation, every little helps. The mission of The GOOD Landlords Campaign is to promote… Read more

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Letting Fees MUST be disclosed in advertising as of Nov 1st 2013


Many of you will be aware of a ruling made by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in March this year following a tenant complaint concerning letting fees. This meant that changes had to be made to the way letting agents and private landlords advertise, and as a regulator, the ASA has the power to enforce… Read more

Popular questions from tenants to landlords

Popular questions from tenants to landlords


It’s not just landlords and letting agents using our property forum these days. Recently we have had several Readers Questions posed by tenants who have been badly treated by their landlords.  If there’s one thing good landlords despise almost as much as bad tenants it is bad landlords who ruin the reputation of our industry…. Read more

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Good Landlords Campaign Board of Directors


One of my goals is for The GOOD Landlords Campaign to eventually become a registered charity. For that to happen there are several hoops to jump through, the first of which is to form a steering committee. For the moment, The GOOD Landlords Campaign mission statement is “to promote and facilitate the sharing of best practice… Read more

Free guide to finding the very best tenants

Free guide to finding the very best tenants


My free guide to finding the very best tenants is now available as a PDF download, just see the form at the bottom of this article.  In the PDF I explain what my family do to find the next perfect tenant, right from the day an existing tenant let’s us know that they want to… Read more

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Lynn Bond of Brigg


Lynn Bond of Brigg I have rented properties for around 20 years and I have a small portfolio of 5 rental properties in Grimsby. I provide good quality accommodation and regularly maintain my properties fixtures & fittings. I treat my tenants with respect and expect my tenants to respect my property in return. My properties… Read more

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Andrew Taylor of Brighter Living Property Northampton


Andrew Taylor of Brighter Living Property Northampton We rent above average homes, to above average tenants, paying above average rent. We are a service provider, our tenants are our customers. Our goal is simply to retain our customers, and to ensure they continue to want to pay for what we do. We aim to be… Read more

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Maninder Gujral of Twickenham

Maninder Gujral of Twickenham I am a Landlord and support The Good Landlords campaign

The GOOD Landlords Campaign

Roberta Goodall of Glenrothes


Roberta Goodall of Glenrothes I’ve been letting property since 2003 and don’t plan to sell any of my properties! I have seven properties comprising old and new flats and houses, in 3 local authorities. Some of my tenants are on benefits, and some of them have pets. Most of my tenants stay a long time,… Read more

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