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Changing landlords and statutory periodic tenancy

Changing landlords and statutory periodic tenancy


Dear all, A short introduction to my problem:  I have rented a flat since July 1, 2013 on a 12 month agreement. At month 11, the owner was unable to pay his debts and my flat was temporarily managed by another company. Since my tenancy agreement was up, I asked them what to do and… Read more

Harassment by Local Council

Harassment by Local Council

I currently have an issue concerning dealings with the Nottingham City Council HMO Licence. I was granted an HMO licence by the Council in 2009. When I applied to renew my licence I was told that two of the room sizes are two small even though I have not made any changes in the last… Read more

Inflated Building Insurance by Freeholder

Inflated Building Insurance by Freeholder

I currently have some two bed flats in a block where the freehold has recently been  I recently got an insurance bill from them that contains the following items: Annual Ground Rent: £250 (Standard) Annual Building Insurance: £212.82 (Seems a bit expensive. I have a 3br house nearby insured for £130). Insurance Admin Fee: £20… Read more

Landlord action

Landlord Action Scoops Top Supplier at Landlord & Buy-to-Let Awards


A year on from acquiring law firm status as part of our perpetual efforts to raise industry standards, particularly in the field of eviction, Landlord Action has been announced the winner of the Legal Supplier category at the Landlord and Buy-to-Let Awards 2014/2015, held on 26th November 2014. The awards took place at Stoneleigh Park… Read more

trust fees

Trust Fees – fact or fiction?

“I liked the idea of setting up a family trust because clearly it’s a much more robust solution than relying on a Will. But then a friend told me how much they pay in annual fees for their family trust, and I was horrified” “What annual fees?” was my response. “Trustee fees for maintaining the… Read more


Help I am being sued for not protecting the deposit

I did not issue a deposit protection scheme for one of my tenants in a shared house. The other tenants have the DPS done within 30 days of deposit, but this tenant has been in since end of Sept. I received a solicitors letter informing me that it is the law and I have to… Read more

Evicting Family Members

Evicting Family Members


I have been in the dubious position of being my father in laws landlord for the past 12-13 years with him paying a fraction of the full market rent to which he has been subsidized by quite a considerable sum over the years.  A considerable family fallout ( surely not ) has caused me to… Read more

new build

Stigma of lending on New Builds is easing

BM Solutions have changed policy and criteria for New Builds. The maximum Loan to Value now available on New Build houses and more importantly New Build Flats has increased from 65% to 75% LTV. 75% is the standard maximum LTV for BM Solutions and all products will now be made available to New Build houses… Read more


When to charge ground rent or service charge?

Thank you Mark and everyone on this website for all comments/articles. I have learned more on Property118 about property and other aspects in the last 6 months since I signed up then ever before. Now for my first post… My question is a simple one… I think… when is it right to charge ground rent… Read more

OM Property Management - Sublet fees and license

OM Property Management – Sublet fees and ‘license’

I suspect I can here the groans already…  I’ve owned a Buy To Let flat for about 10 years. During the purchase consent was given to sublet. Over recent years I’ve been getting correspondence from OM about a License and other fees and I’ll be honest, I always ignore them as I disagree with their… Read more

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