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Luxury residential apartments – Eastbank Manchester


Investors are extremely keen on rental properties based in and around Manchester due to the high rental yields available in the city, which saw it named as HSBC’s second buy-to-let hotspot in 2014. Property investors are drawn to the high returns offered by prime city centre residential apartments in regional cities like Manchester, and these… Read more


Section 8 Possession Order without monies judgement?

Can a judge grant a possession order using mandatory grounds 8, 10 and 11 under a Section 8 Eviction without making an order for monies? If so this could be a very effective way to evict tenants who don’t pay the rent. In my experience, when trying to evict a tenant using a Section 8… Read more


Unpaid council tax £9 fees £500!!

In December 2014 I received a large council tax bill for one of my rented properties. The bill was vague and it took phone calls to establish that my tenants never registered for Council Tax, after forwarding on the relevant tenancy agreements thought that was the end of it. I have now received another two… Read more


One bed flat – first time BTL is it a good investment ?

I am in a need of any suggestions you may have please. I am looking for a property for investment, mainly for capital growth but at the same time give me the rental that should cover the mortgage expenses. The sums are below: Price of property: 310000 Deposit: 124000(40%) Mortgage rates: 2.29 tracker HSBC or… Read more


When is a spade ever going to be called a spade? Misappropriate of public funds.

When a tenant is either partially or fully supported by LHA and they choose to spend those funds on other things (sometimes as ridiculous as holidays or car insurance or even going to the casino); that in my book should be clearly categorised as misappropriation of Public Funds. (and yes, we have experienced all of… Read more

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Landlord fined one third of the deposit for non-compliance

In the latest ruling under the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011, a landlord has been fined one third of the deposit amount for non-compliance. In Jenson v Fappiano, the landlord failed to transfer a deposit of £1,000 to an approved tenancy deposit scheme or to provide the tenant with the Prescribed Information. The landlord… Read more


How to protect my unencumbered properties?

I have over 30 properties in total of which I own 8 outright, and rest are on Buy to Let mortgages. I am looking for some advice on how to protect the 8 I own outright in the unlikely prospect of an increase in mortgage rates like we had back in the 70s ( I… Read more


Yields up to 8.5% and returns up to 17.8% in Sheffield

This fantastic new investment opportunity, designed by an award winning architect, is situated in a city voted top for buy to let returns. Located within walking distance to Sheffield city centre and next to one of the city’s Supertram stations, these modern apartments are perfect for working professionals and students alike. The close proximity to… Read more


DPS ADR process any experiences?


Hi again to all who took the trouble to reply to my previous post (why are my tenants trying to destroy me? see >> ). Just an update, as I said they did move out on 9th Jan without leaving a forwarding address or my keys which were never returned through their solicitor…surprise,surprise!! Anyway… Read more


What are a Landlords responsibilities with respect to Radon Gas

We are almost completed on the purchase of a 1900′s mid terraced house in Nottingham and the final search we received today says that the house is in a radon affected area “as between 3 and 5% of homes are above the action level”. We are newbies but we will no doubt carry the responsibility… Read more

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