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A one day workshop for Property118 members

Overbooked! So we’re running another


The workshop for Property 118 members was so popular that it SOLD OUT. Don’t worry though, we have booked another and this time we’ve made the booking process even more simple. Hazel de Kloe is a highly respected UK Property Mentor and Coach, the only one I have ever approved as a Property118 sponsor. She… Read more

Revenge Eviction

Revenge Eviction or was the landlord right?

Please take a close look at this picture in Shelter’s latest propaganda (below). Have a look at the walls and the blinds! Would you live like this? Clearly this mother has very little self respect and hasn’t touched any cleaning products for years. Was the property like this when she moved in? If so why… Read more

Is your MP a landlords champion

Is your MP a landlords champion?


With the 2015 elections coming up in six months time it’s time for landlords to start lobbying their MP’s. We need them to realise that over 1 million UK based landlords have a voice and have needs.  I am urging all landlords to write to their MP with a letter similar to my own (see… Read more

How to follow discussions without commenting

How to follow discussions without commenting

At the bottom of every article published on Property118, and just above comments, you will see this box  It’s self explanatory really once you know it’s there If you complete these steps you will receive an email notification whenever a person adds a new comment. At the bottom of these notification emails there is a… Read more


What furnishings are required for an HMO

I have just purchased my first property for use as an HMO. It will be 4 person/4 room and a common area in the form of a kitchen/dining room. My question is what is required/expected for me to provide extra to items such as beds wardrobes and table chairs and sofas in the communal areas?… Read more


Can I operate tenants bank account for them with permission?

As some of you know, I’m pretty experienced in Housing Benefit …. well I think I am! ha ha. The letter below basically explains my question to you all, as I was gonna’ ring the bank, but the robots in India won’t have a clue. And then I thought – There’s usually always someone… Read more

Our Most Popular Members

Our Most Helpful Members

NEW TODAY! We have created a new section to recognise those who contribute most to our forums (questions and answers).  Questions result in answers being provided that educate a far wider audience than the person asking the question. With this in mind we have added a new section to the Member dropdown of our Navigation… Read more

what next

Possession date – tenant still in – what next ?


This is the first time I have formally evicted a tenant with the aid of a solicitor – He obtained an order for possession in 2 days time. The tenant (LHA) will not communicate with me. I could phone her mother (guarantor) but she gets very abusive and I doubt she would want to answer… Read more


Tenants Daughter comes of age – on or off the AST?

I have a good tenant; he pays on the dot, is happy where he is and wants to stay on long term. He is a single parent and has a teenage daughter that has recently come of age. His AST is up for renewal and we are both happy to renew. The daughter doesn’t seem… Read more

Successfully enforcing for unpaid rent

3 steps to court approval for speedy evictions

In my earlier post on speedy evictions I talked about how High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) can be a fast alternative to County Court bailiffs (CCB) for enforcing a possession order. We EVEN find that many property solicitors are not aware of this option, and those that have heard of it have been put off… Read more

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