Would like to sell but problems with neighbours could prevent this.

Would like to sell but problems with neighbours could prevent this.

14:59 PM, 12th August 2015, About 7 years ago 1

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I have had this flat for about 20 years and for a variety of reasons decided I need to sell it.
My estate agent found a purchaser who withdrew citing damp patches in the lounge. At present I am liaising with the managing agents (a social housing organization) to put this to rights – suspected leaking gutter. But looks as if I shall be left with the bill for internal redecoration. Everything is made a little more difficult as I live abroad during the summer.smell

My estate agents continued to market my property but following aborted viewings at the week end,
See their e-mails: 1 –
We attempted to carry out viewings on Saturday unfortunately we were unable to due to a most awful (making one feel physically sick) smell coming from the hallway to the two flats. I found cigarette/joint ends, beer cans and I believe urine on the floor, however it was the indescribable smell that was the main problem. I hope residents have sorted it out by now as I am concerned as to what is causing the smell from the next door flat.
Hopefully we can talk later to see what we do next or adds to who we may contact in regard to this. I did not carry on with the two viewings as I felt it was not a good reflection on the flat.

I spend my summers abroad so did not have the opportunity to view things for myself. I phoned the managing agents who visited the property and told me nothing was wrong with it, but problems could be caused by non- residents using the block. To stop this a second number lock would be fitted to the inside door.

Relayed the information to my estate agents herewith their follow up response:

Further you reply e-mail it is very strange obviously things have been cleaned up? When I spoke to the police yesterday they were very aware of the problems and issues at the block where you flat is situated. There is an ongoing drugs problem and homeless people making use of the stairwells. The neighbouring flat is occupied by a vulnerable person so I am informed and has undesirable types staying and drug dealing hence possibly the smells?

Given the person I came across it is a little worrying with regard to future viewings.

I am sure I cannot be unique in experiencing these problems so wonder if any other reader can suggest a course of action.




11:37 AM, 13th August 2015, About 7 years ago

I'm surprised that your previous tenants or letting agent (if you use one) haven't raised this issue before. If there is already a number lock on the main access door to the block, this suggests that either someone in the block is allowing unrestricted access to non-residents, or someone inappropriate knows the passcode, which should be changed.

As regards selling, it sounds like you have a tough job on your hands. If you have a good tenant in place and historical accounts to show the investment is viable, your best bet may be to try and sell to another landlord. You could ask your agent to modify their marketing to target that market, and advertise the property on landlord websites like Property118, if you are in a position to conduct viewings yourself.

Or, have you considered asking the housing association if they would be interested in buying? You may not get full market price but you would have a motivated buyer if they already own other property in the block or area.

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