Why landlords won’t take LHA tenants – this brave tenant has gone public.

Why landlords won’t take LHA tenants – this brave tenant has gone public.

16:28 PM, 11th February 2012, About 10 years ago 51

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Government need to take note because this illness has reached epidemic proportions and, in my opinion, is the reason many private landlords are refusing to take tenants on benefits. If a cure is not found soon Shelter may need to build shelters to house sufferers. I know that it is not PC to suggest that people are isolated because of their unfortunate health problems but maybe it is time that sufferers were kept in a controlled environment to prevent further spread of this syndrome?

Perhaps Government could put in some funding and ask one of our excellent universities to carry out some research?



18:07 PM, 21st February 2012, About 10 years ago

Spoke to the RGI company today.
They advise that it matters not about any payment, as soon as the tenant has not passed on LHA; invoke a RGI claim.
From that point the RGI company manages everything.
You get paid your rent and the RGI company sorts out recovery from the council of any rent due whilst they evict.
What they did advise though was that you must have all your Landlord paperwork in order.
Correct AST
Section 8 issue and Section 21
Copies of correspondence to tenant concerning arrears
Rent book copy or copy receipts for rent received.

This is something that every LL should do anyway; but if not done could prevent or cause problems in achieving a succesful claim.
But essentially the advice is to invoke the claim no more than 90 days from when the first incident of non-rent payment occurred and they will do all the donkey work.
But as they stated they would not grant a RGI policy to a LHA claimant so they would pursue the guarantor for payment.
They would expect you to ask the guarantor for payment and if refused you just invoke a claim.
Then about 6 months later that tenant is gone.
I'd also add that if the place is trashed they pay out 2 months of rent whilst the property is being repaired.
Obviously you would need LL contents and theft and malicious damage cover; so you can see for £7.42 pm it is not a bad deal for a years RGI cover?

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